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Ever wonder what murder took place on todays date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of TC goodness. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through history with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, crimes of passion, cults andRead more

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Chaos On A Long Island Train - December 7 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 7 • 18:34
December 7th: 1993 Long Island Rail Road Shooting (1993)
Mental competency to stand trial, while important, can be abused by guilty people who are trying to catch a break. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine who is telling the truth and who is playing the long con. On December 7th 1993 a man came into a train and killed 6 people at random. A man who, depending on what you...

The Vanished - Bonus Episode - Wondery

Dec 6 • 07:27
Few things are more devastating than a loved one going missing. On The Vanished podcast from Wondery, host Marissa Jones tells stories of missing persons that have gone overlooked by mainstream media. In a recent episode, Marissa looks into the disappearance of James Foster Chance. The 48-year-old man from Texas went missing in March of 2021. Devastated and without any lea...

The Unsolved Austin Texas Yogurt Shop Murders - December 6 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 6 • 16:15
December 6th: Austin Yogurt Shop Murders (1991)

All cases deserve coverage. Deserve acknowledgement and space to honor those who were victims of monsters. But, some are difficult to cover in the short format of our show. On December 6th 1991 4 young girls lost their lives in a strange, complicated, and incredibly involved case that involves research that goes beyond this po...

From Laughing To Killing - December 5 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 5 • 06:41
December 5th: George Jefferson Hassell Kills (1926)

Some murderers go to their grave declaring their innocence. Some are all too happy to admit to the atrocities they commited. On December 5th 1926 a man killed 10 people to cover up his sexual deviancy. A man who, once caught, had no problem regaling the details to anyone who would listen to him. 


A Serial Killers Love of Fire - December 4 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 4 • 13:12
December 4th: Bruce George Peter Lee Kills (1979)

You never know what single event will bring down a house of cards. What domino will bring down the entire trial and what small event will change the course of a criminal investigation. On December 4th 1979 a young man was arrested for his connection to a fire in a family home. A man who, once in custody, admitted to a series...

The Worst Mass Murder in Polk County History - December 3 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 3 • 08:32
December 3rd: Nelson Ivan Serrano Kills (1997)

The wheels of justice are considered a slow one. But, when done correctly, a case can reach a decision and a killer can be placed behind bars. On December 3rd 1997 a man killed 4 people and, after decades passed and shady dealings happened, he was finally placed behind bars for a crime that, if you believe him, he did not commi...

A Tragedy In Alaska - December 2 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 2 • 10:27
December 2nd: Evan Ramsey Sentenced (1998)

School shootings have become such commonplace in today’s history. Children are taught what to do when an active shooter enters their school and teachers are equipped with plans to protect the student’s in their classroom. But, there was a time when a shooting at a school still sent shockwaves through the nation. A time where it cau...

Welcome to December! News, Updates and The Cryptid Catalog Announcement!

Dec 1 • 03:59

The Ghost In The Walls - December 1 2021 - Todays True Crime

Dec 1 • 11:44
December 1st: Daniel LaPlante Kills (1987)
Some truths are stranger than fiction and some stories almost seem too far-fetched to take place in the real world. On December 1st 1987 a young man brutally took the lives of a pregnant woman and her children. And, while his crimes were horrific, it was his bizarre behavior beforehand that cemented his name in the history of folkl...

The Nicest Boy - November 30 2021 - Todays True Crime

Nov 30 • 07:55
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November 30th: Lowell Lee Andrews Dies (1962)

Finding out a person’s motive for murder can give us a small look into a killer psyche that we may have otherwise never seen. On November 30th 1962 a man was executed for his crime and, though he claims he revealed his motive, many...

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