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More Than Running with Dana


Listen as Dana Giordano, a professional middle-distance runner, sits down and talks with some of the most inspirational and insightful women in running. Whether they're doing amazing things on the track or working tirelessly to promote the sport as industry leaders and entrepreneurs, hear howRead more

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Episode 8 | Oregon22 Board Member Liz Dolan On Staying Noisy And Uplifting Female Voices + Athletes

Dec 1 • 37:21

If you enjoy this podcast, women's sports or marketing, then Liz Dolan has maybe had some sort of impact on your life. She has worked as the Chief Marketing Office at NIKE, The Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic and Fox Sports International. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the World Athletics Championships Oregon22. She also serves as the co-host and...

Episode 7 | Colleen Quigley On Making Big Changes And Moving Forward From Injury Heartbreak (LIVE from WHOOP's NYC Pop-Up)

Nov 23 • 45:10

This week's guest is Colleen Quigley for the first-ever "More Than Running" podcast live show at WHOOP's pop-up in New York City. We talked a lot about all of the recent changes in her life, which I related to a lot because I've made big changes and moved within the past year. We have a lot in common. She's so fun, honest and open talking about her injuries, the decision n...

Episode 6 | 20x Paralympic Champion Tatyana McFadden On Her Advocacy For Disabled Athletes

Nov 15 • 34:00

"I feel like if we could parallel in sports with Paralympics and marathons and wheelchair racing, we can also help parallel disabilities in communities. A lot of our idols come from sports figures. We can really give back to our own communities and make sure people with disabilities have that chance to get an education and hold a job. A lot of athletes who compete in the P...

Episode 5 | Loyola Coach Amy Horst On Acknowledging Success And Pushing For Equality

Oct 27 • 37:37

"For as much as our pandemic has been focused on inaction and staying at home, I think with the changes that we're trying to make, we're actually trying to do things about them now that we're back out in the community and going."...

Episode 4 | 800m Olympic Bronze Medalist Raevyn Rogers On Surrounding Yourself With Supporters

Oct 21 • 24:41

"Having those people around that I can talk to in different phases of my emotions has helped balance keeping me inspired and excited about progression."

Raevyn Rodgers put together one of the best seasons, which was capped by a 1:56.81 personal best that put her at No. 4 on the U.S. all-time list and earned her a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Dana Giordano had the cha...

Episode 3 | Lennie Waite, Ph.D. on Improving Your Mental Game and Strategy

Oct 13 • 37:50

"People who are winning medals are motivated by the people who are making the final. The people who are making the final are motivated by people who are making a threat to make the team. And if you can just continue to provide deeper resources, you're going to elevate the performance of everybody. So in my head, it makes so much sense. The wider spectrum of people that you...

Episode 2 | Chanelle Price On The Power of Perseverance

Oct 6 • 33:00

"Taking it back to 2017, that's when the trials and tribulations started. I found out about some blood clots in my lungs in Jan. 2017 and it seemed like ever since then it was one thing after another. That same year, I found out I came back from those blood clots way too quickly and my body just shut down. In the summer of 2017, I had mono. 2017 was when I fractured my met...

Episode 1 | Kate Grace On Overcoming Disappointment and Finding Your Best Self

Sep 29 • 34:06

"Time moves forward. There is the next step and there is an action to be taken...It's no fun to have a disappointment but you fully control what happens next. Your decisions and actions can make whatever happens why not make something good of it or at least try?"

We kick off the new season of 'More Than Running' with Kate Grace, who is coming off one of the best s...

Season 2 Wrap Up + Injury + Training Update + Plans for Season 3

Apr 7 • 29:52

To wrap up Season 2 of More Than Running, Dana Giordano sits down with producer Chris Chavez to breakdown the biggest lessons from speaking to this season's guests. ...

Episode 13 | Courtney Wayment, 2x NCAA Champion for BYU

Mar 31 • 54:14

Courtney Wayment is a fifth-year senior at BYU and recently notched victories at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships in the DMR (won in the second-fastest time in NCAA history) and 3,000m (9:01.47). ...

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