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An educational podcast that aims to help you interpret the celestial imprint known as your astrology. Dalanah is a Hellenistic Astrologer, Stoic Philosopher, and student of Jungian Psychology. With the combined knowledge from these various fields, we can begin to discover our very own personalRead more

Popular episodes

The Seventh House (The Setting Place)

Nov 29 • 15:18

We're finally beginning to come up for air as we make our way towards the seventh house. This is the house everyone wants to know about because it tends to hold important information about our love life and relationships with others. Any planets here are likely to indicate how we experience close relationships and the types of people we encounter....

The Fifth House (The Place of Good Fortune)

Nov 8 • 15:52

The Sixth House (The Place of Bad Fortune)

Nov 8 • 14:40

The Fourth House (The Subterranean)

Nov 8 • 17:38

The Third House (Place of the Goddess)

Oct 18 • 19:49

The Second House (The Gate of Hades)

Oct 4 • 18:28

If you've been struggling to relate to the second house and you're tired of hearing it's all about money, then this is the episode for you. This week we're setting the record straight about what the second house governs and how we learn to relate to the placements and planets within it. Also, it has a totally badass Hellenistic name....

The First House (The Helm)

Sep 27 • 18:19

The Ruler of Your Chart

Sep 6 • 22:38

Who is the ruler of your chart? How do you find it? Is it simply the Ascendant or is there something more? In this episode I go over a concept called "The Master of the Nativity", which I believe to be the  ruler of the chart. We'll discuss how to determine it and what it means for your chart overall. If you want to know the history of this concept and how it was derived, ...

An Overview of Electional Astrology

Aug 16 • 21:10

Important Moon Matters Announcement

Jul 26 • 04:42

Moon Matters will be going on a hiatus and continuing in a reduced capacity moving forward. The episodes will likely be released once a month. The Astro Lounge is also no longer available at this time. Thank you for your continued support as Moon Matters morphs and grows into everything I've ever dreamed it could be....

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