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email: money@mpbonline.orgMoney Talks airs Tuesday mornings at 9 Central Time on MPB Think Radio and over the internet at mpbonline.orgMoney Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we’ll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving forRead more

Popular episodes

Money Talks: Decade Before Retirement

Nov 23 • 49:53

Do you dream of retiring from your job? No so fast. We have a list of boxes to “check off” in the decade before you make this dream a reality. The final decade before retirement is an opportunity to strengthen a retirement plan and tie up any remaining details that can help secure your future. ...

Money Talks: Bitcoin Blog

Nov 19 • 00:59

Money Talks: Mutual Funds / EFTs

Nov 16 • 49:52

Diversification is a buzz word for your investment portfolio. We’ll talk about two ways you could do that: mutual funds and ETFs – exchange traded funds. Are they the same? How are they different? ...

Money Talks: Inflation Blog

Nov 10 • 01:00

Money Talks: Credit Unions

Nov 9 • 50:56

We hope our listeners are familiar with some of the different types of financial institutions. Many in Mississippian aren’t. Many of us are un-banked. Money Talks going to talk about Credit Unions today with our guests from Hope Credit Union. ...

Money Talks: Open Topic Nov 21

Nov 2 • 48:22

Money Talks loves bringing in expert guests to bring you a variety of topics but sometimes we just sit back and encourage you to call in about anything you’d like to discuss when it comes to your personal finance. We do have a selection of stories that have been in the news to discuss between your questions....

Money Talks: Nursing Home Costs

Oct 26 • 49:13

As you age or your parents age, discussions and planning may need to take place concerning paying for nursing home care. Our guest, attorney Kelly Kyle from Kyle Wynn and Associates will answer your questions about how to protect your family’s assets from nursing home costs.  ...

Money Talks: 3 Topics

Oct 19 • 40:23

We’re covering 3 topics today: Cryptocurrencies, Required Minimum Distributions, signing up for Health Care. This is a special Money Talks. We didn't take your personal finance phone calls because we’re giving you the opportunity to call and make a contribution to support Money Talks and MPB. The contribution phone number is 1-888 – 372 – GIVE. 1-888-372-4483 or contribute...

Money Talks: Travel Tips

Oct 12 • 48:22

Want to save money while you travel? Will you be traveling during the holidays? Whether it’s traveling around town, the state, or the country, we’ve got some tips to discuss that will help you stretch your dollars. ...

Money Talks: Stocks 2021

Sep 28 • 42:43

What do you need to know to invest in the stock market? How does an investor pick a stock? Are stocks that pay dividends better than those that don’t? We take your stock questions and your personal finance questions....

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