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3 men, 1 goal - to compare every episode of WCW Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw and decide once and for all who was the true winner of the Monday Night Wars. It is a labour of love so come and join us for the ride!

Popular episodes

A 1996 Slammy Special Runs Wild!

Oct 4 • 01:38:38

Finally your favourite retro wrestling podcast is back! The Monday Night Chores have ditched Sam for the night and replaced him with the encyclopaedia of wrestling GG for a special watch of the 1996 WWF Slammy Awards! 
Who doesn't want to take a look at who had the best buns or what the crime of the century was back in 1996 as decided by Vince McMahon!? Expect to see a lot ...

EP 26 - A SuperKick Party Runs Wild!- 18th March 1996

Aug 9 • 01:44:08

Welcome to the number one retro wrestling podcast.  Three guys watch back the Monday Night Wars between WCW Nitro and WWE Raw to decide which was the greatest. ...

EP 25 - Lumberjack Mania Runs Wild! - 11th March 1996

Jul 27 • 01:37:40

Welcome back to the number one retro wrestling podcast documenting the good, the bad and the awful from the Monday Night Wars between WWE Raw and WCW Nitro....

EP 24 - Lex Luger Comedy Runs Wild! - 26th February 1996

Jul 5 • 01:28:07

Back once again is the number one retro wrestling podcast in all of Essex, maybe the world!! Never before have 3 men done a better job of reviewing WCW Nitro and WWE Raw! ...

EP 23 - An English Loch Ness Monster Runs Wild! 19th February 1996

Jun 21 • 01:27:17

Come join the number one retro wrestling podcast as we journey back to the Monday Night Wars and sit through each episode of WWE Raw and WCW Nitro....

EP 22 - The Cleaner Runs Wild! - 5th February 1996

Jun 7 • 01:27:34

Come and enjoy the best retro wrestling podcast that takes a look at the Monday Night Wars between WWERaw and WCW Nitro.  Picking out the good, the bad and the ridiculous for your enjoyment.  ...

EP 21 - Sensational Sherri's UnderCrackers Run Wild! - 29th January 1996

May 24 • 01:39:19

Once again the number 1 wrestling podcast is back and watching the Monday Night Wars like their lives depend on it!...

EP 20 - Vader's Wardrobe Malfunction Runs Wild! - 22nd January 1996

May 10 • 01:33:23

Come and join the best retro wrestling podcast as FINALLY Vince McMahon serves up a half decent episode of Raw! Sunny is still sexy, Vader makes his TV debut and goes crazy before punching in a bin! Shawn Michaels is back, he's obnoxious and we LOVE IT!  The less said about the main event the better, but get least it involves the Excellence of Execution Bret "Hitman" Hart....

EP 19 - Sexy Sunny Likes It Raw Runs Wild - 15th January 1996

Apr 26 • 01:42:18

The best retro wrestling podcast is back and with a bang as we have Sunny being sexy and making us wonder what its like to do it raw for nearly an hour! on WWE Raw Dok Hendrix interviews Goldust and Little Dustin while Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler can't quite decide if they like homosexual people or not.  Steve Austin takes on Broken Matt Hardy, or something similar to t...

EP 18 - Stone Cold Steve Austin Nearly Runs Wild! - 8th January 1996

Apr 12 • 01:37:23

Welcome back to the best retro wrestling podcast, the Monday Night Chores. Watching WWF Raw and WCW Nitro from the 90's so you don't have to!...

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