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Molecular Podcasting with Darren Lipomi


This podcast lifts the veil on all topics related to STEM in academia: research, teaching, writing, speaking, and other professional topics. Darren Lipomi is a professor of nanoengineering, chemical engineering, and materials science at UC San Diego. He obtained his PhD in chemistry from HarvardRead more

Popular episodes

#61 – How to ask for letters of recommendation for grad school, research positions, scholarships, & jobs

Dec 3 • 38:24

#60 – Harvard Mechanics Prof. Zhigang Suo, master scientific storyteller

Dec 2 • 56:20

This is a bonus episode from my new podcast, IDEAs in STEM Ed. I never  charge for any of my content and don't monetize (though YouTube may), so  if you've found this useful, please consider subscribing to the "IDEAs  in STEM Ed" podcast on Spotify or Apple (https://open.spotify…?si=8080602ae33e4952), and to the IDEA Engineering Student Center on YouTube. https://www.youtu...

#59 – Eric Mazur: Flipped Classrooms, Peer & Active Learning, Textbooks vs Videos, & Remote Education

Nov 11 • 52:33

My guest today is Eric Mazur, professor of physics and applied physics  at Harvard University. He is also a creator and entrepreneur in the area  of technological resources for classroom teaching. He is known for his  research in ultrafast optics and condensed matter physics, and also for  his extensive work in the teaching methodology known as Peer Instruction. Attending ...

#58 – Bonus: Malika Jeffries-EL on being an insider, outsider, and improving access to STEM education

Oct 26 • 48:41

This is a bonus crossover episode to get some visibility for my new  interview podcast, IDEAs in STEM Ed. If you've reached this episode,  please do me a big favor and search for "IDEAs in STEM Ed" and  subscribe! Everything I put up I do for free, and this will help me a  ton. Thanks!...

#57 – Bonus episode: Andrea Armani on teaching, mentoring, applying to grad school, & rethinking tenure

Oct 19 • 57:05

This is a bonus crossover episode to get some visibility for my new interview podcast, IDEAs in STEM Ed. If you've reached this episode, please do me a big favor and search for "IDEAs in STEM Ed" and subscribe! Everything I put up I do for free, and this will help me a ton. Thanks!   ...

#56 – Thinking Like a Nobel Prize Winner: Into the Impossible with physicist Brian Keating

Oct 13 • 59:14

My guest in this episode--my first ever livestream--is my UCSD colleague, Professor Brian Keating. Brian is a Chancellor’s distinguished professor of physics at UC San Diego, co-director of the Arthur C Clarke Center for the imagination, host of the Into the impossible podcast, YouTuber with 30k subscribers, and writer of the scientific memoir “Losing the Nobel Prize.” Bri...

#55 – Why do professors travel so much? And, why I am trying to give most of it up (hint: baby and Covid).

Sep 14 • 20:48

In this episode, I discuss the reasons why science and engineering  professors always seem to be on the road, including the good and bad  aspects. For example, the joy and excitement of meeting old friends in  new places and sharing scientific discoveries, as well as the sacrifices  that one makes in terms of time with one's students and family. I'll  also discuss why I be...

#54 – Frustrations of scientific publication & peer review & why we do it anyway: 100th paper spectacular

Jul 20 • 39:09

This is a highly personal, idiosyncratic, unrehearsed talk I gave to my own research group on  scientific publication and peer review, when I was on the verge of 100  papers. I hesitated a long time in posting this, but I think it  accurately represents my thinking on society vs. for-profit journals,  the value-add of publishing, the harm done by careless referee reports, ...

#53 – Choosing a grad school and a lab + Q&A

Jul 16 • 49:12

This is the full version of my thoughts on choosing a grad school and a PI/lab. I gave this talk for the American Chemical Society East Bay California Section and the American Women in Science virtual seminar series, and the organizer was kind enough to let me repost my side of the presentation, here. The Q&A topics are as follows:...

#52 – My best advice on writing: the "garlic, shallots, and butter" of effective scientific prose

Jun 22 • 14:11

In this episode, I read a short essay I wrote on effective scientific writing, with references to Strunk and White, Steven Pinker, and George Whitesides. The original article was published in Chemistry of Materials, 2021, 33, 11, 3865–3867, original publication date, June 8, 2021. This reading was done with permission from the Ameri...

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