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Modern Web is a podcast that explores next generation frameworks, standards, and techniques. Visit for more.

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S09E02 Modern Web Podcast - Modernizing React Apps with Paige Niedringhaus & Mark Erikson

Nov 23 • 54:26

In this episode of Modern Web, Dustin Goodman and Jae Anne Bach Hardie sit down with Paige Niedringhaus and Mark Erikson to talk about modernizing react applications! They discuss Paige's new course on Newline and some of the stories and experiences that inspired it and hear about Mark & Paige's stories of implementing these practices in their recent projects....

S09E01 Modern Web Podcast - Partytown with Adam Bradley

Nov 12 • 54:32

In this episode, Rob Ocel (@robocell) sits down with Adam Bradley (@adamdbradley), Director of Technology at, co-creator of Ionic, and creator of Stencil! They talk about the web performance challenges related to loading and using third party scripts (such as those for Google Analytics), and they discuss Partytown, a new, lightweight library created by Adam and ...

S08E020 Modern Web Podcast - The Future of the Terminal & Fig with Brendan Falk

Oct 29 • 48:28

In this episode, Rob Ocel sits down with Brendan Falk, co-founder and CEO at Fig, a terminal extension that provides CLI integration and autocomplete support. They discuss the state of the terminal today, how Fig enhances the terminal, how to build tools for both power users and inexperienced users alike, the vision for integrating the command-line with user interface, and...

S08E019 Modern Web Podcast - The Future of Blockchain & How To Get Involved Today With Nader Dabit

Oct 15 • 42:29


S08E018 Modern Web Podcast - Staying Curious with Michael Chan

Sep 24 • 52:19

In this episode, Lindsay and Michael talk about Michael's perspective on building communities, and how to stay curious and growing as a developer. They talk about how Michael and Lindsay both started in tech by taking small bits of time to grow and learn, and how that has served them in their tech careers. Michael also talks about his time on React Podcast, and what brough...

S08E017 Modern Web Podcast - Blockchain curious? It‘s easy & JS Developers should start learning!

Sep 10 • 43:08

In this episode, Tracy Lee sits down with Stephen Fluin from Chainlink to talk about blockchain and why JavaScript developers should start learning about it today. We go over the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency, and how the two work together. We also explore use cases for developers and interesting decentralized applications one can build today. Stephen al...

S08E016 Modern Web Podcast - Quasar with Luke Diebold

Aug 25 • 01:03:54

In this episode, Lindsay talks with Luke Diebold, web developer and creator of, about Quasar, the amazingly flexible framework for building applications using Vue. They talk about how Luke got into programming from his interest in music, and how he got started using Quasar for personal and professional projects. They discuss what Quasar is, and discuss where...

S08E015 Modern Web Podcast - RxJS Updates 7.0 - 7.3 in 30 min. with the Core Team! & What's Next for RxJS 8

Aug 13 • 36:00

In this podcast Tracy Lee and Ben Lesh, core team members of RxJS, talk about the big changes RxJS 7.0 ++ has brought to the community!...

S08E014 Modern Web Podcast - Elm with Richard Feldman

Jul 23 • 58:12

In this episode, Lindsay Wardell talks with Richard Feldman about Elm, the delightful functional programming language for creating web applications. They discuss how Richard got into programming and his first experiences with Elm, then dive into some of the key features of Elm such as no runtime exceptions and its helpful compiler. They then discuss where Elm is going, and...

S08E013 Modern Web Podcast - Misko Hevery, Creator of Angular & his new project

Jun 18 • 40:21

In this episode, Misko Hevery is featured in an interview with Tracy Lee on leaving Angular, and his new project Builder. He talks about a new way to think about frameworks that our community should start embracing, as well as, why he's so excited about Builder, the space, and what he will be doing next....

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