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Modern Minorities


Sharon Lee Thony and Raman Sehgal are two MODERN MINORITIES - Asian-American industry pros "making it" (?) - even though they never became the doctors their parents wanted them to be. Each week, they are joined by folks of all stripes - entrepreneurs, corporates, athletes, reporters, politicians,Read more

Popular episodes

Danis Goulet’s (directing) Night Raiders

Nov 29 • 01:03:19

“Power has never given up without a fight. Indigenous people are in a unique position to offer a warning.”...

a (little) help from our FrieMMds...

Nov 26 • 07:01

"Oh, we get by with a little help from our frieMMds"...

Sam Yo’s (balanced) geek fitness

Nov 22 • 47:35

“If I am off service to whoever's on the other side, if I can make one person feel a little better - then it's such a lucky thing to do for people.”...

Tonya Evans' Crypto (Wealth) Advantage

Nov 15 • 49:27

“Cryptocurrencies don't require a gatekeeper — which is very important for minority communities that have been systematically marginalized and intentionally red-lined. You need to be in this like yesterday.”...

Anjali Enjeti’s (Southbound) activism

Nov 7 • 01:02:33

“Writing isn’t doing the work of activism. Maybe it opens people’s minds, but art alone isn’t going to cut it.”...

Diwali (memories) then & now

Nov 4 • 56:21

“Diwali has different meanings as you go through life - community, food, light, celebration...who doesn’t love a good sparkler?"...

Andrew Aiden’s (enduring) March

Nov 1 • 01:05:47

“There's not a lot of moments where all the wrongs and pain seem worth it. But standing on a stage with John Lewis gives you a little bit of hope.”...

Evan Jackson Leong’s (directing) Snakehead

Oct 25 • 56:38

“If I get one shot to make a movie, this is the one I'll be happy with.”...

Phil Yu (isn’t always) the Angry Asian Man

Oct 18 • 46:28

“You have to choose to become Asian American. I went from just being a Korean kid in Silicon Valley to belonging to this community. I want that to mean something.”...

Holy (Bi)Robin! Tim Drake Comes Out

Oct 14 • 01:01:02

“Why change Robin? It was a no brainer. It happens to a lot of bisexual people, it seemed like natural character development.”...

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