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Modern CTO is the #1 place where CTOs hang out. We live to bring CTOs value. Listen in on our fun, intelligent and engaging podcast. We hang out with interesting and popular CTOs in Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics + Many more industries. All of this, right here, right now, on theRead more

Popular episodes

Quantifying Cyber Risk with Rich Caralli, Cybersecurity Advisor at Axio

Dec 3 • 52:29

Today we’re talking to Rich Caralli, the Cybersecurity Advisor at Axio. And we discuss how risk quantification is the missing link between business decision makers and cybersecurity professionals. Recognizing that cybersecurity and business resilience are two sides of the same coin, and why companies need to get back to basics with their security practices....

Digital Transformation Debt: Is it holding you back? with Setrag Khoshafian - Author, Speaker, and Chief Scientist at Khosh Consulting

Dec 1 • 48:08

Today we’re talking to Setrag Khoshafian, the author of the book, How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: Post-COVID-19. And we discuss why pursuit of technology must always be goal-focused. What the decentralized Web 3.0 world will look like, and why Setrag believes every organization should be flattening its hierarchy. ...

Zero Trust Everywhere with Amit Sinha, CTO of Zscaler

Nov 29 • 01:01:34

Today we’re talking to Amit Sinha, the CTO and President of R&D, Operations, & Customer Service of Zscaler. And we discuss why security should follow users wherever they go. How 5G technology is pushing data and security to the edge, and the 3 P’s of attracting top talent: People, Purpose, and Pay....

Defeating the Digital Divide with Ed Walton, CEO of StepCG

Nov 26 • 50:06

Today we’re talking to Ed Walton, the CEO of StepCG. And we discuss how StepCG and Cradlepoint are utilizing private cellular networks to provide internet access to underserved communities. Interesting use cases where private cellular networks are improving user experience, and how to encourage your employees to get out of their comfort zones and try new things....

Maximizing Your Value with Mark Herschberg - MIT Instructor & Author of "The Career Toolkit"

Nov 24 • 45:51

Today we’re talking to Mark Herschberg, an MIT Instructor, Fractional CTO, and the author of the book, The Career Toolkit. And we discuss how to ask the right questions to generate the most value in your role. The value of peer learning groups for leadership development, and how to train recruiters on what to look for when hiring technical roles. ...

Bringing a Feed to the Lock Screen with Mohit Saxena, CTO of InMobi

Nov 22 • 52:35

Today we’re talking to Mohit Saxena, the Co-Founder and CTO of InMobi. And we discuss how InMobi has continuously evolved with the times since its founding. How to encourage your employees to think big and come out of their shell, and why it’s important to celebrate failures as well as the victories. ...

CIO of HPE - Leading a Massive Enterprise

Nov 19 • 36:08

Today we’re talking to Rashmi Kumar, the CIO of HPE. And we discuss the different challenges presented by leading teams vs. leading teams of teams. Why it’s important for technologists to be business outcome focused, and how Rashmi trains her leaders to go far rather than go fast. ...

Cut Cloud Costs 80-90% with Kevin McGrath, CTO of Spot

Nov 17 • 47:22

Today we’re talking to Kevin McGrath, the CTO at Spot. And we discuss how Spot saves their clients 80-90% on their cloud compute bills. The concept of data gravity and how to conquer it, and how to design career paths that include growth without necessarily moving into management. ...

6 Critical Inputs of AIOps with Tony Davis, Chief Strategic Advisor on AIOps at Broadcom

Nov 16 • 53:31

Today we’re talking to Tony Davis, the Chief Strategic Advisor on AIOps at Broadcom. And we discuss how the real value of AIOps is the observations on how IT is impacting your customers. The 6 critical inputs to analyze what part of the stack is most impacting customer experience, and why technical leaders have to be motivated by growing the people they manage. ...

Securing Your Cloud Strategy with Matt Johnson - Developer Advocate Lead at Bridgecrew

Nov 15 • 42:31

Today we’re talking to Matt Johnson, the Developer Advocate Lead at Bridgecrew. And we discuss the challenges of providing a secure cloud experience for every use case. Lessons learned from working in both startups and large enterprises, and how maintaining company culture requires effort from everyone that’s a part of it....

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