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Mobile Geeks Future of Mobility

The weekly show by Mobile Geeks, with Nicole and Don, about the future of mobility.

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What is Qualcomm doing with Autonomous Vehicle communication? - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 040

Aug 29 • 16:58…ze=30%2C20&ssl=1 30w,…=168%2C117&ssl=1 168w,…=204%2C142&ssl=1 204w,…=723%2C500&ssl=1 723w" sizes="(max-width: 723px) 100vw, 723px">

Qualcomm recently launched an autonomous vehicle communication research and testing program on 3miles of San Diego road. The goal of the program is to demonstra...

Daimler & NVIDIA just shifted the direction of the automotive industry - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 039

Jun 24 • 36:30

Daimler and NVIDIA will team up to build an in-vehicle computing system and AI computing infrastructure. In 2024 Mercedes Benz will start rolling out a next generation fleet that will come with upgradable automated driving functions....

Car Companies & Mobility Providers are Suffer from the Crisis

Mar 24 • 10:00

The effect of the Corona crisis on the automotive and mobility industry is considerable. It could cause massive shifts in the market....

Bosch's new strategy for the future of automotive - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 037

Mar 18 • 22:45

Bosch announced a plan for the future of automotive whose green solutions are accompanied by combustion engines and diesel.
Don and Nicole sit down with Dr Stefan Hartung CEO of Bosch Mobility and a member of the board to learn about how Bosch thinks this strategy could be the quickest way to become carbon neutral....

Are Tier 1s the new automotive manufacturers? -Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 036

Jan 24 • 19:02

When Sony launched the Vision S at CES it got us thinking about the potential of Tier 1 automotive manufactures. As car sales decrease and the automotive industry opens up to new types of industries, it is becoming clear that Tier 1’s have a great deal of potential. Don and Nicole discuss which industries they see partnering with Tier 1’s to potentially bring cars to market.

Why did Mercedes launch a concept car based on Avatar? - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 035

Jan 11 • 12:06…=168%2C117&ssl=1 168w,…=204%2C142&ssl=1 204w,…=723%2C500&ssl=1 723w" sizes="(max-width: 723px) 100vw, 723px">

Mercedes launched the Vision AVTR at CES 2020, even though the car it self is very cool, we were left with question: Why did they launch this at CES? The consumer electronic show is about companies setti...

How does an EV handle a 700km road trip in Europe? – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 034

Jan 1 • 25:08

Hyundai Nexo X & A Look at Fuel Cell Technology - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 033

Dec 10 • 16:19

Hyundai is one of the few brands pushing forward with Fuel Cell technology. Don took at test drive with the Nexo X and learned about their Fuel Cell strategy. Filled with jealousy Nicole gets all the details of Don’s drive in Switzerland and the two discuss what should be one of the next big technologies in automotive.

Audi Etron Sportback - What the Etron should have been from the start - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 032

Nov 25 • 15:52

Audi showed off the ETron Sportback in LA last week and it’s the perfect evolution of Audi’s first all electric vehicle. Shedding it’s SUV design the ETron Sportback is more aerodynamic, offers a more aggressive one pedal driving experience and slightly more range....

Tesla Cybertruck - A lesson for German Carmakers - Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 031

Nov 23 • 26:20

We’re not saying we love the Tesla Cybertruck, but we do have to recognize that there are some lessons for the German car industry in the launch of this electric pick up truck. Don & Nicole dive into what exactly Elon did that worked and debate what place the Cybertruck has in automotive.

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