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Learn the latest and greatest applications of machine learning from cutting-edge thought leaders, in the time it takes to do the dishes. Every other Wednesday, join Monte Zweben for fascinating conversations with researchers and practitioners in the machine learning world. Discover new applicationsRead more

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15 - MLOps with Demetrios Brinkmann

Apr 14 • 15:54

Want to learn how to lose $40,000? One company inadvertently did— by embracing infinite storage and compute without guardrails, an oversight that could have been solved with MLOps....

14 - Feature Stores with Atindriyo Sanyal from Uber

Mar 17 • 15:28

We're talking about 2021’s hottest MLOps technology— feature stores. But what is a feature store, and what on earth do they do? ...

13 - Building Trustworthy AI with Beena Ammanath of Deloitte

Mar 3 • 15:45

Would you trust an AI that told you when a plane engine was going to fail? What if the information gathered by that AI lost you your job?...

12 - Improving Patient Outcomes with Dr. Devin Singh

Feb 17 • 14:37

Even before COVID-19 overwhelmed hospitals, many healthcare workers were feeling engulfed by their workload, never having enough time to properly focus on their patients. Automating key tasks in the patient journey could help change this, so patients receive the best possible care....

11 - Space Craters with Danielle DeLatte

Feb 3 • 14:30

Imagine you're a rover on Mars, trying to find your way around. There's no towering skyscrapers or bodies of water to tell you where you are. What do you look for? The original natural landmarks: changes in land elevation that denote mountains andcraters.

On this week’s episode, Dr. Danielle DeLatte, a Space Systems Engineer at Draper, came in to talk about her PhD work usi...

10 - The Future of Work with Fred Goff of Jobcase

Jan 20 • 15:02

Machine Learning has been used to increase profit for businesses and solve tough problems in research, but what if ML was being harnessed to help people?  Well, there are few things that affect people’s lives more than work.

On this week’s episode, Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase, talks about harnessing the power of ML to empower workers and build community, with some powerful e...

9 - Autonomous Vehicles with Boris Sofman from Waymo

Jan 6 • 15:16

What’s the deal with autonomous vehicles? For starters, saving 40,000 lives per year and answering some of the most interesting questions in artificial intelligence....

8 - Satellite Imagery and Sustainability with James Crawford from Orbital Insights

Dec 23 • 15:43

Where do things come from? It’s hard to tell down here on the ground, but cameras way up in space are capturing movement from all around the world to help answer this question.

James Crawford, CEO of Orbital Insight, came in to explain how his company uses computer vision to make observations about the world we live in today, and ways we can use these observations to optim...

7 - MLOps with Andrew Brust

Dec 9 • 15:44

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Back in the 90's, people said, "Just write code!" That is, until they realized how hard it was to update the software once it had been released. DevOps techniques were created to shorten the development life cycle and provide high quality software on a regular basis. The same thing is happening in the tech...

6 - Climate Change & Energy Optimization with Priya Donti from Carnegie Mellon

Nov 25 • 15:26

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help the planet combat climate change? Priya Donti did, too-- and now she's researching energy optimization and assembling folks in her community to tackle the defining problem of our future.

Priya is a PhD student in Computer Science and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon, as well as the co-founder and chair of Climate Change AI. H...

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