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The mitochondria are not just the powerhouse of the cell; they are the engines that run our entire body. If we can remove the obstructions to energy production (calcification, lipofuscin and fibrosis) everything works better, we experience mental clarity and emotional resilience.

Popular episodes

Cure Your Fatigue with Morley Robbins

Nov 26 • 01:41:11

The world's leading mineral expert Morley Robbins returns to the show to announce the release of his new book, "Cure Your Fatigue". Morley is the creator of the Root Cause Protocol and a master dot connector when it comes to mineral balance. He often says that there are 84 minerals but only 3 that really matter: copper, magnesium and iron....

The Uncensored Truth About ADHD, the Medication and How to Heal with Tane Webster

Nov 19 • 02:44:01

Have you been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Have you taken medications like methylphenolate? Is Ritalin an amphetamine-like substance? Do these drugs cause brain damage? Is the DSM/Diagnostic and Statistical Manual a medical textbook or a spell book?...

Increasing Oxygen Utilization with Ozone Therapy with Charles Barber

Nov 12 • 02:10:27

Ozone therapy is in a class called oxidative therapies. It often gets lumped into the same category as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hydrogen peroxide, and even chlorine dioxin (MMS). In reality ozone is much safer than all of those. As Charles Barber of Crucial Four expands on in this episode, it isn't the ozone that does the work - it is the ozonides that circulate in the b...

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training with Dr Valdeane Brown

Nov 5 • 01:55:23

Want to feel more focused? More calm? More confident? Want to alter your perception of the "stuff" in your life? Want to manage stress better? Want to experience greater resiliency? These are all things that dynamic neurofeedback brain training can provide....

Are Nut Butters Harming Your Health with Jayme Galash

Oct 29 • 01:44:15

Have you been slamming the peanut, almond and cashew butter like theres no tomorrow? Are you aware of what this does to your gut health?...

The Benefits of Hypnagogic Light with Allison Pelissier

Oct 22 • 01:41:19

How did Allison Pelissier cure her insomnia by flashing really bright white light at her face? Can flickering light put you into a hypnagogic trance that facilitates deep relaxation and even trauma  processing? Are seizures bad for you? ...

Regrowing Your Hair with Jason Kaplowitz

Oct 15 • 01:56:24

Is hair loss genetic? Does zinc excess cause hair loss? What about chronically elevated cortisol? Which enzymes and hormones do we find in the hair follicle? What should we focus on to regrow hair? When is the point of no return with hair loss? How long does it take to see results? ...

Healing Forgotten Emotional Trauma with Oxana Colibnic

Oct 8 • 01:36:08

When we think of emotional trauma, we often think of unpleasant memories that created a shockwave that got stored in our body. But what about the memories that affected us but we can't remember?...

All About Tongue Ties with Margaret Barry

Oct 1 • 01:32:15

What is a tongue tie and how common is it? Is excessive gas, frequent choking and a dysregulated nervous system normal? Could snoring, grinding teeth, difficulty swallowing, neck issues, tension headaches, speech impediments, digestive issues, and inflexibility all be caused by a tongue tie? ...

Five Ways to Improve Your Gut Health with Amanda Christian

Sep 24 • 01:37:41

Most people are experiencing some level of gut imbalance. Constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating are widespread. Amanda Christian shares her wisdom of what she's used on herself and with clients to restore balance to the intestinal tract while not going on extremely restrictive diets or protocols....

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