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Mission To Zyxx

Comedy • Arts

An improvised science fiction sitcom following a team of ambassadors as they attempt to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic Zyxx Quadrant… better known as the "ass end of space."

Popular episodes

514: The ‘Lapse of Luxury [ft. Aaron Burdette]

Nov 28 • 49:02

The crew lands unexpectedly on a forest planet after Bargie shares some news. AJ thinks something is up. Pleck and Nermut go down. Dar gets hugs all around. ...

513: Déjà Two [ft. Jonathan Braylock]

Nov 10 • 46:28

The crew gets an unexpected visit from an old… friend? Pleck gets vindicated. Bargie makes five nermos. Nermut gets boxed in. Someone says “shrimp.”...

512: A Noob Hope [ft. Justin Tyler and Rachel Wenitsky]

Oct 31 • 01:10:52

At long last, the crew has reached the Zyxx Quadrant! Certainly everything is fine there. Pleck gets news about his prophecy. Nermut gets recognized. Dar and AJ get glopped....

L12: The Host With the Moist [LIVE ft. Jordan Carlos]

Oct 13 • 01:09:31


511: The Pest of Both Worlds, Pt. 2 [ft. John Robert Wilson]

Oct 2 • 54:33


510: The Pest of Both Worlds - Pt. 1

Sep 20 • 48:38

While the crew constructs a machine that can hopefully get them home, the RSS Synergy receives visitors. Bargie sets the stage. AJ jacks in. And don’t worry, Pleck has his wood saber....


Sep 2 • 02:12:48
Over the years, many listeners have asked us for an uncut recording session, to get a peek at how we make the show. Well, be careful what you wish for… because here in all its glory is the raw recording of Episode 507 “A Little Ditty 'Bout Jakk & Shai’An.” You know, that insane musical episode we recently released. Stick around afterwards for a behind the scenes conversati...

509: Tuck Ever 'Flacting [ft. Aparna Nancherla]

Aug 19 • 50:30


508: Three Men and a Flower Baby [ft. Edi Patterson]

Aug 8 • 57:11


507: A Little Ditty 'Bout Jakk and Shai'An [ft. Chris Grace and Eric Gersen]

Jul 27 • 01:01:33


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