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Miradas is a podcast on current affairs and culture in Latin America, with John Bartlett, Laurence Blair and guests. The series features interviews across a range of viewpoints from within and outside the region, highlighting new trends, fresh thinking and global connections.

Popular episodes

#17 - Megan McDowell (Translating Latin America)

Jan 27 • 47:54
Megan McDowell has translated some of Latin America's most important and influential contemporary writers, including Argentine authors Samanta Schweblin and Mariana Enriquez and Chilean writer Alejandro Zambra. Her translations have won the English PEN award and the Premio Valle-Inclán, and she has been nominated three times for the International Booker Prize.

Megan and Joh...

#16 - Mark Kent (UK Ambassador to Argentina)

Jan 20 • 35:35
It’s sometimes a tough gig being Her Majesty’s man in Buenos Aires, but Mark Kent has charmed many Argentines with his light-hearted brand of digital diplomacy. In this episode the ambassador discusses the challenges of evacuating Brits on horseback from across the country during the pandemic, whether post-Brexit Britain can find new opportunities in Latin America, and his...

#15 - Will Grant (¡Populista! - Pink Tide politics in Latin America)

Jan 13 • 39:17
A generation of populist leaders with strong personalities has defined Latin American politics in the 21st century. BBC correspondent Will Grant has been working in the region since 2007, based in Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba, in which time he has borne witness to the political movements collectively painted as the ‘Pink Tide’. In his new book, Populista: The Rise of Latin A...

#14 - Cristina Dorador (Encountering the Atacama Desert)

Jan 6 • 39:47
Microbial ecologist Cristina Dorador is one of Chile’s leading scientists, known for her pioneering research demonstrating how the Atacama Desert, its rivers, harsh salt lakes and nearby Andean plateaus are teeming with microscopic life. In this episode she dials in from Antofagasta to discuss how the Atacama’s salt flats hold clues to the origins of life and even extra-te...

#13 - Andrew Downie (Sócrates, Futebol and Mexico 1970)

Jul 2 • 35:13
Our guest this week is Scottish journalist and author Andrew Downie, who has written on sport and politics from Mexico, Haiti and Brazil across nearly 30 years in Latin America.

Andrew's work has appeared in the Economist, the New York Times, the Financial Times and the Guardian, and he is the author of the critically-acclaimed 'Doctor Socrates: Footballer, Philosopher and ...

#12 - Marco Avilés (Race in Peru & the US)

Jun 17 • 45:10
Peruvian writer and journalist Marco Avilés joins Laurie from Maine, US. The author of several books, including De dónde venimos los cholos (Seix Barral, 2016) and No soy tu cholo (Debate, 2017), Marco discusses his reporting on the heightened impact of coronavirus on the US Latino community, and shares some reflections on how racism and inequality operate in similar ways ...

#11 - Vincent Bevins (The Jakarta Method)

May 20 • 54:48
John spoke to journalist and writer Vincent Bevins about his new book, The Jakarta Method (out now), a whirlwind narrative tour through the history of communism and the US’ covert operations undertaken to challenge its popularity.

The Jakarta Method links the massacre of one million Indonesian civilians in 1965 to events in Latin America and across the world, and Vincent di...

#10 - Andrés Pertierra (Cuba's Medical Missions)

May 13 • 51:48
Dialling in from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Andrés Pertierra, a historian of Latin America, joins Laurie to discuss the humanitarian, political and financial motives behind Cuba’s overseas medical missions. A former student at the University of Havana, Andrés shares insights into the Cuban health system, the recent history of US-Cuba relations, and why the reviva...

#9 - Camila Vergara (Chile, Constitutions and Corruption)

May 6 • 41:41
John speaks to Chilean political scientist Dr Camila Vergara (@Camila_Vergara) about constitutions, populism and systemic corruption. Her first book, República Plebeya, meshes her research interests, and an adaptation will be published in English by Princeton University Press later this year.

On 25 October 2020, Chile will vote in a constitutional referendum to decide wheth...

#8 - Yolanda Kakabadse (Ecuador, Coronavirus and Climate Crisis)

Apr 28 • 37:34
Laurie is joined from Quito by Yolanda Kakabadse, a leading conservationist and former president of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF, 2010-17) and environment minister in Ecuador (1998-2000). They discuss the toll of coronavirus on Ecuador, whether a more sustainable world can be built from the wreckage of the current crisis, and how environmentalists can better convey ...

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