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Mindset Stories Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

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Sovereign Storytellers is where we learn to create our own reality by taking responsibility for the stories we tell ourselves and learning how to work with our Shadow and our Light to write new ones. We're talking about all the ways we stay stuck or grow through inner stories that create ourRead more

Popular episodes

Ep. 121 What If Your Passion Never Profits?

Nov 15 • 37:49

Ep.120 You Cant Find Spirit No Matter How Hard You Try

Oct 17 • 45:21
The search for God/Goddess/Source is often a child looking for a parent, for safety, for a sense of being worthy of taking up space, for meaning in what can appear to be a meaningless world.   There is no finding for nothing is missing, nothing is lost.   There is only a need to refocus on the truer truth; you can only feel alone and powerless when you forget that you ...

Ep. 119 Is it Spiritual Bypassing or Protective Unconsciousness?

Oct 16 • 21:16

Ep. 118 You're Not Blocking Money You’re Blocking Fear

Sep 30 • 56:45

Ep. 117 Codependency Prevents Manifesting

Sep 24 • 49:25

When we're focused on the external world we aren't at home in our bodies. This makes building a business and manifesting clients, income, relationships, health, so pretty much everything very difficult....

Ep.116 Resolving Ancestral Shame and Patterns of Pain

Sep 9 • 53:44

Ep.115 Diamonds, Afghanistan, and Texas

Sep 5 • 57:08

Ep. 114 Learning to Handle the Sensations of Powerful Energy Like Money

Aug 4 • 55:29

Ep. 113 What Makes Your Life Valuable?

Aug 2 • 37:45

Ep. 112 Toxic Productivity and Goo States

Aug 2 • 32:55

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