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Sumo Logic has partnered with Shawn Achor, New York Times best selling author, and renowned speaker, to bring you a four-part series specifically focused on helping us adjust our mindset in this crisis. Shawn brings an amazing viewpoint that is impactful and well suited for our current climate. InRead more

Popular episodes

Uncovering possibilities with a growth mindset

Apr 13 • 18:49
One of the biggest mental threats for us all right now is putting life on pause. Happiness only flourishes when we feel there is growth. Stagnation is the bane of joy. In this episode, Shawn discusses how you can enforce good habits and decrease bad habits by changing the "Activation Energy" of those actions. He also talks about how achieving small goals can shift your men...

Becoming adaptive in the midst of uncertainty and change

Apr 6 • 19:17
Irrational optimists ignore the problems which confront them. Pessimists believe their behavior doesn't matter, so they become paralyzed during crisis. A rational optimist starts with a realistic assessment of the present, but also maintains the belief that behavior matters. In this episode, Shawn talks about how optimism doesn't shield you from negative events, but it d...

Inoculating your brain against anxiety and stress

Apr 2 • 16:07
You have more control over how you perceive the world than you may think, even in a world dominated by stressful headlines. In Shawn's work with the military, he has found that we can work through stress if we have the right lens and do it with others instead of going it alone. In this episode, Shawn discusses how to create a "moat" around your day by tackling the weakest ...

Increasing social connection in a time of social distancing

Mar 27 • 23:06
Social connection in psychology is based upon the perception of social support. You can have tons of people around you, but still feel alone. You can also be alone, but feel supported and connected to loved ones. On this episode, Shawn discusses how, by making some small positive actions, you can increase your brain's awareness of social support and feel more connected to...

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