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Mindful Dog Talk | Dog Training, Dog Behavior, and Dog Psychology

Welcome to Mindful Dog Talk! Your host, Hanna Feuer, breaks down dog behaviour, dog-human communication, and shares the lessons we can learn from being dog owners. Stay tuned for insights on dogs, interviews, Q&As, and more - subscribe, review, and share with a friend - contact us at mindfuldog.caRead more

Popular episodes

#003 - Successful Dog Ownership During and After Lockdown + Q&A

Apr 5 • 01:01:12
Welcome back to Mindful Dog Talk! Today we’re discussing common struggles that owners are facing with their dogs during lockdown, and how to set our dogs up for success now and after lockdown ends.

Topic 1 - Structure (3:24)
Topic 2 - Exercise (31:00)

(42:13) Separation anxiety
(48:16) Setting your dog up for success when lockdown ends
(51:09) How to socialize your dog dur...

#002 - Energy

Jan 4 • 48:38
Welcome back to Mindful Dog Talk! In this episode, I discuss:
* What “energy” means
* Why it matters when it comes to your relationship with your dog
* Common ways I see people’s energy influence their dogs
* Action steps you can take to command your energy, in order to positively influence your dogs

Questions for self-reflection:
* What energy am I projecting right now? What fe...

Q&A #002

Oct 27 • 31:34
Welcome back to Mindful Dog Talk! In today’s Q&A episode, we discuss:

3:25 - should dogs sleep in the bed?
5:40 - can frequent visits to a dog park cause behaviour issues?
9:15 - how to prevent dog fights
12:11 - what can you do to give a dog a “job” or sense of purpose?
15:10 - why is staring a trigger for dogs to react?
19:12 - tips for dog-dog resource guarding
22:03 - have I ...

Q&A #001

Sep 19 • 28:08
Welcome back to Mindful Dog Talk! In our first Q&A episode, we discuss:
4:11 - Tips for a dog who is fear reactive around new people / housemates
7:22 - How to help a deaf dog adjust to everyday life
9:23 - The best way to have introductions with other dogs
13:23 - Tips for dogs who fixate on distractions on walks
16:04 - Tips for socializing a nervous dog
19:39 - My overall goa...

#001 - The Human Impact on Dog Behaviour

Aug 30 • 31:40
Welcome to the first episode of Mindful Dog Talk! I’m your host, Hanna Feuer, here to teach you how to better understand and communicate with your dog. In our first episode, I introduce the foundational concepts of my training philosophy and explain how you, a dog owner, are the one who creates your dog’s behaviour (for better or worse). I share some examples of this conce...

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