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Mind over Markets is a weekly show hosted by George Papazov from TRADEPRO Academy. With over 20 years of experience trading the markets, George breaks down and dissects common psychological obstacles that all traders face in their journeys and provide actionable advice and tips to overcome theseRead more

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Order Flow Trading: Foundations of Time and Sales

Dec 2 • 58:34
In this episode Leo and myself talk about the most foundational concept of order flow trading in futures - the time and sales.  This is also called “reading the tape”. 

This is a brand new segment we will be co-hosting and airing together the first Thursday of every month, where we will discuss a new order flow topic each month.

For the first ever episode of our Between the ...

Streams of Income for your Trading Profits

Nov 25 • 41:03
In today’s episode I’ll be talking about an exciting topic - what happens when you start making money in the markets?  What ways can you generate income streams outside of trading with your profits?  We’ll dive into principles of income generation, active and passive source ideas, and I reveal all my income streams on this show.  

Let’s start out by the only two ways you ca...

Hotkey Trading Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Nov 18 • 31:29
Day trading with hotkeys is an amazing way to increase your speed advantage and to get a better handle on your execution.  I personally don't day trade without them anymore.

However, hotkeys are often used the wrong way and at the wrong time of a trader’s development journey.  

In this episode, I cover these topics and more on hotkeys for day trading:
  1. Who should NOT be using ...

103. Fixing Account Blowouts after Weeks of Success

Nov 11 • 32:58
Do you blow out accounts in one day after days, weeks or even months of success?  This is a very common problem for the new trader.

I know, because I have been there, and certainly done that.  The good news is, that it is fixable, if you are daring to get to the actual ROOT cause of the issue.

The reality of this situation is, that it really only comes down to only 2 possibl...

102. Small Account Challenge to Improve Your Trading

Nov 4 • 36:47
In today's episode, I talk about taking a small account challenge to get my discipline and confidence back as a trader.   I will also share with you some signs it might be time for you to take a new account challenge, and finish off with some tips for growing small accounts.  No matter what stage of your journey you are on, this episode is designed to help you.

I started on...

101. Escaping the Victim Mentality Trap in Trading

Oct 28 • 33:16
In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about the victim mindset and how it silently but very quickly and effectively decimates trading accounts.

I will walk you through 6 signs you may be in a victim mindset, plus ONE, and ONLY ONE simple thing you NEED to DO NOW to get out of this mindset and turn your entire life around.  

This is all about escaping the shackles of victimhood...

100. The 100 min Roast of George and Victorio

Oct 21 • 01:47:06
We made it to episode 100! Today we have two episodes into one, where Victorio and myself take turns asking each other 10 trading questions, and 10 funny questions designed to embarrass one another and share a good laugh.

I want to thank you for listening, and for helping make the podcast a success.  Without YOU, there would be no Mind over Markets, or anything else. So fro...

99. Trading Strategy and Execution with Anthony Drager

Oct 14 • 01:27:33
Anthony Drager discusses his personal trading strategy and how he executes on order flow in the futures market.

He draws on some fascinating experience from the trading floor and his transition to electronic trading at a prop firm.  In this episode we get personal and ask him questions about HIS trading.

This episode touched on some amazing golden nuggets you won’t want to m...

98. How Buyers and Sellers Move the Market

Oct 7 • 45:31
In this fascinating episode we talk about how buying and selling actually moves the markets.  This isn’t an indicator or strategy, this is the VERY REASON that MARKETS MOVE!

We do a deep dive on market and limit orders, and how big position traders move through the book.  When you understand what you are watching for, it gives you high probability trades with little risk wh...

97. My Struggle With Gambling As A Trader

Sep 30 • 00:00
In this episode I talk about something really personal and deep.

I had a gambling problem, which became a trading problem really quickly and early on in my career.

This is an area very few talk about, because it requires deep reflection, and the ability to view yourself as someone who can improve!  

This can be tough for someone who truly believes “they can come back, if they...

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