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Welcome to MindMuscleMastery! This show is hosted by Adam RANADA Ranville, a Lifestyle Development Executive with over 13 years of experience in both personal and professional empowerment. Working with over 300 top-tier companies such as Ferrari, Berkshire Hathaway, New York Life, Dale Carnegie,Read more

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Hire a Helping Hand

Sep 27 • 21:31
If you had a dollar per hour value, what would it be? Then when you figure that out, you now need to determine how much time you dedicate to social media. After you have that number, now you need to calculate how much time AND money you spend by using those platforms. What that means is, how many hours in your work day are dedicated to using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and...

The Murder of the Mind

Sep 20 • 21:48
They are way, way, way ahead of us. For decades our conscious and creative minds have been slowly killed with meticulous precision and we never noticed it. Here we sit as a soft, broken nation that has lost it’s desire to fight and stand for what we deserve. Almost like it was set up that way on purpose? What’s even scarier is how we have been changed at a cellular level d...

Create Your Own Headlines

Sep 13 • 20:10
We are the Kings and Queens of our life. We are the masters of our destiny. We are the creators of our reality. Not the news. Not social media. Not the government. Not other people. Starting today, you can take back your God given control by writing your own story and reading it to yourself daily.
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Emotional Destruction

Sep 6 • 22:20
Emotions are what make us more than a walking skeleton with muscles. Emotions are what help us experience life in a more evolved way. They can be the most beautiful part of any experience. However, they can also destroy us. They can make us act irrationally and cause harm to our bodies. They can cause us to become flooded with toxic hormones and chemicals. Understanding em...

Assembling the Silent Majority

Aug 30 • 18:59
It’s gone too far. It’s become too much. The new rules are not in our favor. Freedom of choice has been taken away. We are no longer in control of our bodies…this is when it becomes time to fight back. This is when the silent majority activates and begins to push back on the evil that’s being placed into our lives. This is not the time to be politically correct. This is no...

Guard Your Holy Temple

Aug 23 • 19:32
Our brain, body and spirit are under attack. We are being harmed by what we eat, what we watch, what we listen to and what we read. We must protect ourselves. We must protect our thoughts. We must protect our emotions. We must protect our energy. The world is heavy and the news is ugly. Social media has become a digital battleground that isn’t serving the greater good. So,...

The Great Activation

Aug 2 • 20:23
Understand this: We are leveling up FAST. 3D is fading away and 5D is becoming our new collective consciousness. (they) do not want this for us. Every molecule of knowledge and wisdom that is being downloaded into you NEEDS to be shared for the greater good of this fight. The Great Activation has begun. You are now in the epicenter of it.
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The Soul of an Olympian

Jul 30 • 18:57
I’ve said it before…here it is again. Sports is the perfect comparison to life. The apex of sports is the Olympics. We are watching the top athletes from across the planet compete against each other in the highest level of competition and athleticism. BUT…what does it take for this to happen? Well, this year is a special exception because it took 5 years of dedication, sac...

Immediate Definitive Action

Jul 19 • 19:03
Fighting & Life are symbiotic with each other. On July 10th, UFC264 took place in Las Vegas and McGregor vs Poirier 3 happened. The outcome was not expected by anyone, especially Conor. His leg was completely broken in half due to a freak accident. He lost the fight, but won the war. In the lowest moment of his career in front of 21K people and millions more watching live ...

Money is My Servant

Jul 12 • 18:17
Create the money magnet. If you say it, you will see it. If you see it, you will live it. If you live it, you will teach it. This is how generational wisdom and wealth are created. But it starts within each of us first. What words do you say to yourself when it comes to money and wealth? Is money your master? Are you a slave to your debt or yearly salary? This is the faste...

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