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Mind Manifest is the podcast that digs deep into the science of psychedelics. We bring you focussed conversations with category authorities on this promising field. Cut through the noise, converse with the vanguard - welcome to Mind Manifest.

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Nov 30 • 02:21:05
In today’s podcast, I spoke with Dr. Ian Dunican. Ian is amongst many other things, a sleep researcher and business consultant. As you will hear, Ian has his fingers in a lot of professional pies, but the through-line is that he is trying to optimize performance in many different fields. Ian has a burgeoning interest in psychedelics, and he first came on my radar when I h...

EP #18 - Alistair Vickery and Michael Winlo

Nov 21 • 01:18:19


Nov 14 • 57:13
In today’s podcast, I spoke with Chris Letheby. Dr. Letheby is a philosopher working on issues related to the therapeutic and transformative potential of classic psychedelic drugs - check out his full bio below.

As an academic philosopher, Chris has epistemological and logical expertise, (as well as a keen understanding of both the philosophy of science and psychiatry), bu...


Oct 31 • 01:31:12
In today’s podcast, I spoke with Stephen Bright. Stephen is a clinically trained psychologist with a wealth of experience in both the fields of Addictions research and psychedelic research/advocacy. Stephen has been consistently pushing for a more nuanced and comprehensive discussion pertaining to sensible drug use in Australia,

In today’s podcast We Discuss;

The TGA’s inter...


May 15 • 52:57
In today’s episode, we spoke to Michelle Baker-Jones, one of the lead guides on the current Imperial College Randomised Control Trial (Psilodep 2) which is comparing the efficacy of Psilocybin with Anti-Depressants for the treatment of depressive disorder. Michelle is personable, thoughtful, and - as an integrative psychotherapist - seem to have good scope for how psyched...

Suresh Mukhutamaswamy- 19:01:2020 11.46 Pm

May 6 • 01:04:39
In this episode, I spoke with Suresh Muthukumaraswamy - a pioneer in the field of psychedelic research in New Zealand. His research team are embarking on the first government-sanctioned LSD micro-dosing trial in the history of his home country.

In a space where many activists hide in scientists clothing, it is good to know when you are talking with the real thing - someon...

EP #13 Margaret Ross

Apr 30 • 01:01:43
I recently spoke to Dr Maragaret Ross, a Senior Clinical Psychologist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. We spoke about her upcoming trial. For a long time, there has not been an antipodean star on the psychedelic research map, but the commencement of this study (and the resounding wave of public support it has generated) bode very well for the future of psychedelic re...


Jan 8 • 01:08:52
I recently spoke to Greg Donaldson in the Library of the Psychosynthesis Trust, located in the heart of London. Greg is a personable, balanced and thoughtful psychotherapist, and I really enjoyed talking to him. Greg is part of the team of therapists who will be working with participants in the Double-Blind, Randomised Control Trial comparing the efficacy of psilocybin wi...


Oct 8 • 42:42
In this episode, I sat down with David Luke. David is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich. Dave is co-founder and current chair of Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest interdisciplinary conference exploring psychedelic science and culture.

David straddles two very different worlds – he operates within the conventional academy of the social science...

Blogcast6 - Cognitive Biases 101

Sep 27 • 36:02
The phenomena of cognitive biases are as pernicious as they are profound. The intractable presence of bias is an issue in every field of experimental science, and psychedelic research is by no means immune.
Developing a sound understanding of how they are caused and how to control for them is a great way to prevent them from running roughshod over your inner world of thoug...

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