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This is a podcast about money for kids and their families from Marketplace, in collaboration with “Brains On!” Co-hosts Jed Kim and Bridget Bodnar answer the awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes surprising questions that kids have about money. Described as “a godsend for anyone who knows a littleRead more

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Why do prices end in $0.99?

Aug 10 • 23:59
Ever notice how lots of prices at the store end in $0.99? So did Eli from Philadelphia, and he asked us to find out why. Turns out, it’s a method retailers use to get us to buy something — and it’s not their only one. This week, we’ll learn about how our brains work when we’re shopping, why it’s hard to resist a sale and some of the ways physical stores encourage us to spe...

Why are jobs so important?

Aug 3 • 24:02

Having a job is how we earn money to pay for the things we need. Money is important but it’s not the only reason people work. This week we’re going out to the pizzeria, where we’ll learn how every job is connected to lots of other jobs — and how those connections keep our economy running. Plus we’ll hear from a bunch of people with cool jobs that you probably didn’t even k...

What is the stock market?

Jul 27 • 24:00
Companies need money to grow, and there’s a way for them to get it: the stock market. They can sell a little piece of their company, called a share or stock, to regular people. If the company grows, those people get to keep some of the money it makes. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a company will grow — that’s what makes putting your money in the stock market risky. ...

Why is our money green?

Jul 20 • 24:32

This week we’re tracking down answers to a bunch of your questions about why money looks the way it does. A lot of you were curious about stuff like why American money is green, why other countries have more colorful currency, and who decides whose picture goes on each bill. We’ll get you all those answers — and more! Plus, we’ll meet a museum’s money curator, learn about ...

Why can girls’ things cost more than boys’ things?

Jul 13 • 23:43

One of our inquisitive listeners, Isabella, noticed when she was shopping online that women’s clothing was more expensive than men’s clothing — and she thought that was unfair. Turns out, it happens a lot....

The history of banks

Jul 6 • 22:57

When banks first started thousands of years ago, they were known as places to borrow money, not to keep your own money safe. Through loans, they’d provide funding to farmers or traders to help them with a project — like building a fence or traveling to another country. Borrowers often had to leave something valuable with the bank until they paid off the loan. To keep all t...

Taxes pay for the things we care about

Jun 29 • 22:00

Back in Robin Hood’s day, tax-collecting sheriffs forced people to pay money to a king, who decided how those taxes were spent. These days our tax system works a bit differently. We get to vote for people who’ll spend that money on things we care about — like schools and libraries, health care for elderly people, police, parks, sewers and so on. With the help of a rambling...

How is money made? Let’s head to the U.S. Mint!

Jun 22 • 22:40

We’re back for our second season! Thanks for sending in so many great questions about money. One that a whole bunch of you wanted to know more about is how money is made. To help us find out, Jed called his old economics teacher, Ms. Grizzle, who took us on a very hands-on field trip to the factory that stamps out U.S. coins. Plus, we talked to an expert about all the ways...

“Million Bazillion” is back for season 2!

Jun 15 • 02:33

Calling all Bazillionaires! Jed, Bridget and the gang are back for brand-new episodes of “Million Bazillion”! This season, we’re answering one tough money question each week from real kids! Questions like “How is money made?” “Why are women’s clothes sometimes more expensive than men’s?” “How do banks work, anyway?”...

Jed and Bridget need your help!

Mar 23 • 01:32

Hey, Million Bazillionaires! Jed and Bridget are hard at work on season two of our show. But to get it over the finish line, we need a favor (or two)! Kids, we need your money questions! You can send them to us, with a grown-up’s help, here. Grown-ups, we need your help closing a funding gap for our new season! Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar at marketplace...

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