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Mile High Mess Podcast

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An intuitive and whimsical whirl-wind of a show. Co-hosts Katy Decker and Shelby Hyde usher you in to their world of two gals brought together by life’s journey and bonded by the need to make sense (fun) of it all. Through sarcasm, banter, and sparing no detail, the duo explain there is often moreRead more

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We’re Actually Disgusting...

Dec 18 • 01:07:01
What more can we say? We’re actually super disgusting so here are more epic Mile High Mess moments for you involving poop, double stuffing tampons, and an overheard gas station sweet relief.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Anal leakage + a mystery turds
* Gingerbread house ends up in the trash
* A gas station sweet release
* Double stuffing tampons

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Fan Girl-ing with Luisa Lange

Dec 13 • 01:12:54
We are officially fan girl-ing over here with Luisa Lange. We found her on Instagram and she is hilarious so get ready for another episode where no topic is off the table and we die laughing almost the whole time.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Dating during COVID
* Life as a stand-up comedian
* How Nikki Glaser and Luisa became besties
* Katy is now an Olympic snowboarder
* Selby g...

Staying Home for the Holidays

Nov 20 • 47:37
Episode 68. If you don’t want to be a third wheel with your parents, it’s probably best to stay home for the holidays. We’re putting a pause on parties right now because this is getting real.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* COVID clothes
* Big purchases we don’t remember
* Ivanka Trump: most likely to blame her farts on you
* No more ragers
* Best and worst Holiday traditions

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MHM Hangs with Kelli and Conner

Nov 16 • 01:23:15
Episode 67: We have friends! In this crazy ass time that doesn’t even feel real, Kelli Tennant and Conner Moore sit down with us to try to make some sense of it.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Talking politics
* Breaking down MAGA
* Reforming broken systems
* Trolling on social media and real life
* Why cancel culture sucks

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* Instagram: @kellimtennant ( https://www.instag...

Don’t Toilet Paper Our House Again

Nov 6 • 49:18
Episode 66: Is this the end of Shelby’s Sunday scaries? Let’s be honest, we only really forget about things we don’t actually care about. Also, to whoever TP’d our house, great commitment but please stop, our landlord hates us.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* No more Monday scaries
* To-Do lists at Mile High
* Working for lives we don’t want
* Many manic purchases
* Getting TP’d
* Doo...

Monday Scaries!

Oct 23 • 45:07
Episode 65: Sunday nights go downhill fast, and the topic today is anxiety. Shelby has a premonition and crest white strips cause arguments.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Truck driver love and Mile High Mess moments
* Landlord problems
* Carol Baskin can’t dance
* How Shelby and Katy deal with anxiety
* Shelby’s weekly routine

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WAP (Witches and Pumpkins)

Oct 16 • 44:40
Episode 64: In an unintentionally crazy weekend filled with 5am parties and manically stealing overpriced pumpkins, we both had a mindfulness epiphany. We run away from time alone, but why? Sometimes you gotta seek stillness and now Katy is enlightened.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Ragers and charcuterie
* Pumpkin heists
* Tarot readings
* Katy’s enlightenment
* Fear of being alon...

Surface Level Politics

Oct 2 • 49:43
Episode 63: We’re not experts but we have a lot of opinions and like to comment on the superficiality of the state of things. We go into it and get a little heated. Shelby’s only mile high mess moment happens on air and Katy has a secret.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Katy’s weekend surprise
* All sorts of vacation stories
* Trying to understand our politics
* Politics shouldn’t j...

Rejection is Noitcejer Spelled Backwards

Sep 28 • 01:05:52
Episode 62: Rejection is a part of life, so how do we get through it? We're talking about our experience with rejection and what we did to overcome it. In other news, Shelby is too busy for anything, we share an unexpected mile high mess moment, and we finally make a chore chart!

Today on Mile High Mess:

* House moms and the cleaning rule of thumb
* Magical Mushroom moments
* ...

Selling Out

Sep 18 • 42:33
Episode 61: So is it selling out to be content with life? Is the search for happiness just causing more unhappiness? It seems like social media influences us to always be searching, seeking for something more, but it can just cause anxiety. Today, we're talking about how we can try to be better, without feeling the pressure.

Today on Mile High Mess:

* Teamwork grocery shoppi...

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