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Comedian Mike Birbiglia welcomes a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics. Join them as they work it out.

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48. Judd Apatow Returns: Judd Has Notes

Jul 26 • 01:08:01

Judd Apatow recently saw Mike's entire new show in progress, and he's got a lot of feedback. As they break apart Judd's notes, they veer into topics like dark joy vs. light joy, why we exercise, and how many days per week it's appropriate to eat ice cream. Plus, Mike details a serious argument he had with his daughter Oona about dinosaurs. This episode is an all-timer. Jud...

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis Meets Mid-Life Crisis

Jul 19 • 59:18

Today we re-air one of our all time favorites: Mike’s conversation with comedy prodigy Taylor Tomlinson, a wildly prolific joke writer and star of her own Netflix special “Quarter-life Crisis.” Mike and Taylor are both announcing their live tours. Mike just announced a show in Milwaukee as well as a 3rd show in Denver along with shows in Bellmore, Cape Cod, New Haven, Phil...

47. Malcolm Gladwell: 10,000 Hours of Jokes

Jul 12 • 01:16:05

You can hear the excitement in Mike's voice as he welcomes legendary author Malcolm Gladwell, host of Revisionist History & author of Outliers as well as his latest The Bomber Mafia. Malcolm brings Gladwellian theory to why the re-telling of jokes is never as funny. They riff on evil golf courses, evil search engines, & where that YMCA pool smell might actually come from. ...

46. Brie Larson: Captain Marvel Helps Captain Jokes

Jul 5 • 54:03

Mike is joined this week by Academy Award-winning actor Brie Larson whose films range from Captain Marvel to Room as well as Trainwreck, where her character Kim is married to Mike’s character Tom. Mike bounces jokes off of Brie about people on the internet being angry and vocal about Mike and Brie’s characters being a married couple. The result is hilarious, honest, and ul...

45. Neal Brennan: The Comedy Whisperer

Jun 28 • 01:03:57

Before they became comedians, Mike and Neal both got their start working the door at different comedy clubs. Now, they sit down for a discussion of what it was like for Neal to co-create Chapelle’s Show, and the best advice that Neal received from Chris Rock on his hit Netflix special, “3 Mics.” Plus, new material about protesting yourself, macaroni and a powder intended t...

Roy Wood Jr: From Birmingham to The Daily Show to Broadway?

Jun 21 • 54:52

Mike and Roy teamed up to raise money for comedy club waitstaffs with “Tip Your Waitstaff.” Now they work on jokes about gin vomit, stealing fancy jeans, and why being a Daily Show correspondent could put you in more hot water than having a criminal record. The episode touches on regret, redemption, and lands in an unexpected place when Mike asks Roy if he’d consider letti...

44. Sarah Silverman: A Hard Comedy Reset

Jun 14 • 01:06:05

43. Bill Hader: This Episode Has It All

Jun 7 • 01:12:01

This episode has it all. Bill’s time at SNL. Bill’s time at South Park. Bill’s work at Pixar. Bill’s impression of Mike and Mike’s impression of Bill. Bill’s collaboration with Mulaney and Bill’s discussion of craft in co-creating and writing and acting on the Emmy award-winning HBO hit “Barry.” It’s got jokes. It’s got stories. It even has a moment when Mike forces Bill t...

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42. Quinta Brunson: Flinging Cats, Lovingly

May 31 • 52:15

This week Mike welcomes Quinta Brunson, the comedian, actor, and writer who blew up from her “He Got Money” memes and viral videos. She has since pivoted into mainstream success as one of the stars of HBO’s “Black Lady Sketch Show” along with roles in “Big Mouth” and as the author of her new book “She Memes Well.” The two discuss the loss of their mutual friend Kevin, the ...

The Lucas Bros: Oscar Nominated, Podcast Celebrated

May 24 • 01:03:58

Since this episode first aired Keith & Kenny released the film "Judas and the Black Messiah" which earned them an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Screenplay. This episode alternates between utterly serious & supremely silly. They discuss their moving essay "Our Brother Kaizen" as well as jokes about writing a will and meeting Will Smith. They also discuss the loss of th...

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