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Midnight Margaritas

Religion-and-spirituality • History

Hollis Coffin (he/they) & Casper Oliver (they/them) discuss different topics in witchcraft! From holidays to practices to specific tarot cards, once a month join two queer witches as we do deep-dives into various topics of witchcraft & Paganism! Find our hosts on social media at @coffinpolish &Read more

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Tarot: The Lovers

Jan 31 • 00:00

Our first episode covering a tarot card, just in time for Valentine's Day season! Hollis Coffin (he/they) & Casper Oliver (they/them) share drinks as they dive into the history and symbolism of one of the major arcana cards: The Lovers! They also share personal stories involving romance, tarot readings, and share some relationship advice!...

The Broom Closet

Dec 31 • 01:53:06

Third episode and we're already breaking format! Woo! This month, our two hosts Casper Oliver (they/them) & Hollis Coffin (he/they) share their personal experiences and thoughts about coming out of the broom closet instead of following a script and delving deep into research. They've both got experience with the revolving doors of coming out as two queer/trans folx, but th...


Nov 30 • 01:14:51

Hestia! The Greek goddess of the hearth, just in time for the fall/winter holidays! Join Hollis Coffin (he/they) & Casper Oliver (they/them) as we to a dive into her lore, ways to honor Hestia within your own home, and a drinking game within a drinking game where Casper has to try and list what Greek deities are associated with which Greek cities....


Oct 31 • 01:29:25

Our first ever episode, just in time for us to touch on Samhain! So join us for some fun with going into the history of the holiday, various ways to celebrate, and also an in-depth drinking game! Listen to us get sloshed while talking everyone's favorite spooky fall holiday: Samhain!...

Samhain: Trailer

Oct 30 • 01:19

Midnight Margaritas: Hollis Coffin (he/they) and Casper Oliver (they/them) discover different topics in witchcraft! From holidays to practices to specific tarot cards, once a month we do a video call and talk about various different witchy things all while playing a drinking game with rules that we establish at the beginning of each episodes.
Our first episode is about: SAM...

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