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"The user experience is a metric." Brief high-level practical design strategy thinking and strategy by Michael Schofield.

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Exnovation, the Iceberg Model, and Expertise is Over-valued

Oct 26 • 07:18
I want to share a few totally unrelated pieces of thinking that caught my eye. This will be a shorty but I think you’ll find it interesting.


I am taken with this concept of exnovation, which is the counterbalance of innovation. To constantly make something new, you have to dismantle the old; to organize your team around iterating and innovating you need to systematize the...

The Value of Design in Hard Times

Mar 23 • 03:59

What is the difference between UX and CX?

Mar 9 • 06:17

Gutenberg doesn't disrupt WordPress

Feb 3 • 11:27
Gutenberg isn’t a breakthrough innovation that made WordPress better. It’s a disruptive innovation making WordPress more affordable and accessible. — Mark Uraine, “Disrupting WordPress

A couple weeks ago I read Mark Uraine’s writeup about the disruptive role Gutenberg — the new block-based editor (and system of editor-extensibility) — performs for WordPress, the open-sou...

UX Design is Morally Gray

Dec 13 • 02:52
Folks tend to disagree with me whenever I say that user experience design is morally gray: there is no inherent requirement to making user experiences people like and prefer to competing experiences that leave users — morally or ethically — better off. Ethical design is a qualifier.

This is an important distinction and nuance to design work that is critical to accept if w...

Can jobs-to-be-done replace "Front End Developer"?

Nov 11 • 06:47
The “front end” is pretty nebulous. What makes a good front end developer? Its definitions, and so its answers, are all over the place. It’s not just the introduction of new front end frameworks that have changed how we talk about it, but in terms of the discipline of designing websites we have begun to think differently: in components, in services. We can see front end in...

The Temporal Midpoint of the Sprint

Oct 21 • 04:42
The two-week sprint is totally arbitrary. We adopt the convention without really questioning the wisdom, but by such dogma of what’s-good-for-the-gander bake someone else’s practice into our organizational infrastructure. The thinking is that two weeks is just about the right time to prototype, test, scrutinize, and deliver a feature. But, is it?

All it took was David Grant

The Service Reactor

Sep 9 • 04:57
We pitch this idea of operational user research as a means to scale and democratize user experience design practice across an organization. For decision makers already familiar with our user-centric-business gospel — reminder: aggregation theory demonstrates how the user experience is the differentiator for services that have no cost of distribution (because the internet i...

Spark Joy

Mar 18 • 33:30

In this episode of Metric: the UX Podcast,we talk about how we deal with signal overload and notification fatigue in our design work (and in life), and our strategies for staying sane in a super neurotic discipline....

What UX Can Learn from Ouija Boards

Mar 11 • 30:26

In this episode of Metric: the UX Podcast, we investigate what ouija boards and World War 1 teach us about design solutions, that innovation lies in not immediately thinking that the problem can be solved by an app.

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