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A Heavy Metal and Thrash Podcast. Join Us as we Dive into all things Metal with an extra side of nonsense

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118: Some Old School Thrash

Nov 25 • 01:44:47

It’s time to break out your old jean jacket (the one with the patches and buttons),  head to the mall to hand out flyers for your next show (wait, do malls actually still exist?), brace for the imminent tsunami of “Olan Mills” style Thanksgiving pictures arriving on Black Friday (fun fact:  “Olan Mills” roughly translates to  “Uncomfortably Awkward”), discover which band i...


Nov 18 • 01:50:45

November 18, 2021:  Metal Nerdery Podcast releases an episode dedicated to HARDWIRED…TO SELF DESTRUCT on the 5th anniversary of this (double) album’s release and, coincidentally, on the 24th anniversary of the release of RELOAD (which represented the 2nd of “The Loads”, which was kind of a double album as well). Let’s just call November 18th “METALLICA Day”, to be filled w...

116: Knotfest & Inside the Prog Metal

Nov 11 • 01:34:58

Think of this episode as Metal Nerdery Podcast’s “double-concept-EP-hidden-bonus-split-album” podcast, with “double the content” (kind of…) of any of our prior episodes (I mean, not really…but also, definitely kind of…)....

115: Live After Death: Live Dive of Iron Maiden‘s concert masterpiece

Nov 4 • 01:27:47

As you might recall from one of our earlier episodes, the “live concert album” is not just a recording of a band playing in front of a LIVE concert hall audience:  it’s a virtual concert experience. ...

114: Inside the Metal: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY

Oct 28 • 01:24:33

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (or C.O.C. “if you’re into the whole brevity thing…”) has continuously modified and improved upon the recipe for their heavy, hardcore, punk, thrash, doom, groove, metal infused gumbo to sound like one ginormous platter of Skynyrd Fried Sabbath deliciousness covered (nay, smothered!) in Riff Gravy. ...

113: Inside the Metal: Type O Negative

Oct 21 • 01:46:04

Nothing ghoulishly screams October and All Hallows’ Eve quite like TYPE O NEGATIVE, the hard core, goth-prog-doom metal crossover giants hailing from Brooklyn, New York. In fact, the only thing greater than TYPE O’s uniquely gothic and unsettlingly creepy, green aesthetic was their ability to NEVER take themselves too seriously; something which we here at MNHQ 33rd Floor I...

112: Behind The Metal with ACTUS REUS

Oct 14 • 01:42:14

ACTUS REUS, the up-and-coming metalcore titans hailing from the suburbs of north Atlanta, are continuing the evolution of metal’s “Next Wave” by blending thrash, death, and prog metal into their brutally heavy, metalcore foundation. Keep an eye out for them, because they’re already making HUGE waves on the local metal scene throughout Georgia and all across the Southeaster...

111: Slayer Reign In Blood Album Dive

Oct 7 • 01:21:32

REIGN IN BLOOD (R.I.B.), the third full length offering by the mighty and powerful SLAYER, is quintessential Thrash perfection.  It’s so sublime it’s practically one song with 10 distinct movements (think “Ten Degrees of R.I.B.”).  It’s so superb that it can only be listened to from start to finish, front to back, in order.  Period.  ...

110: Metal Soundtracks

Sep 30 • 01:26:35

There was a time when Movie SOUNDTRACKS basically sucked and the only thing that could make them even remotely palatable was the inclusion of a Metal band, really any metal band!  (Obviously NOT Europe!).  Thankfully, we now live in the modern age, where it’s not uncommon to see bands like Slayer and Pantera included on a moving picture soundtrack. (And as you’ll soon disc...

109: Metal from Around the World

Sep 23 • 01:23:06

Tell the night manager at the club you know “The Pringles Guy” (be sure you don’t hold back either…especially if folks get “rowdy”), prepare for some “Fuun” and “please hold…”, because it’s time to JOIN US from our 33rd Floor I.U.B.P. Studios as we traverse the WORLD partaking of Metal from locations hither and yon, near, and far....

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