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#74: Is the Meta Devolving?

Nov 30 • 53:41

This week we're diving back into some meta discussion and highlighting the 2 decks that seem to be running the show at the moment. Is this a sign that the format is perhaps not as healthy as we thought? Also, looking through even more Character Rares from VMax Climax! ...

#73: A Smörgåsbord of Collectors News

Nov 23 • 49:54

This week is largely focused on the Collectors, as we dive into a variety of smaller news updates, including whether or not the Katy Perry V card will be coming to a store near you. Also announcements  about a reality show for collectors coming to Netflix and new character rares being revealed for VMax Climax! But we also wanted to bring attention to Palette of Friends, wh...

#72: Is Bigger Really Better?

Nov 16 • 01:08:08

This week we're talking about the impact that the ever-increasing size of Pokemon TCG sets is having on Players and Collectors, as well as how it's affecting other Pokemon products. We're also taking a look at some of the early results in the Fusion Strike meta, particularly from the Full Grip Games 1k tournament! Were there any new decks that popped off?...

#71: Fusion Strike Set Review!

Nov 9 • 01:06:33

This week we are sifting through the largest set ever to discuss the best cards in Fusion Strike, including some absolutely disgusting combos we might have in store. Also, we cover off on some big news including the delay of PTCG Live until 2022, as well as the upcoming League Battle decks featuring all the good Urshifu VMax! Also, thanks to all the listeners who put us ov...

#70: Big League Dreams w/ Celio's Network

Nov 2 • 01:17:11

This week we brought Luke Morsa (aka Mr. Network himself) onto the pod to discuss the return of competitive IRL play, and how newbies and veterans alike can prepare for events ranging from League Challenges all the way up to Regionals and ICs. But before and after that, we check off a few of the news items from the last week, and give our predictions for next week's news w...

#69 (Nice): VStar Revealed & Regionals Announced!

Oct 26 • 56:57

This week we are covering a variety of topics, including the announcement of Regional and International Championship events in NA and Europe! We're also looking at the first VStar card revealed and speculating on what the format might look like in the future. Big news indeed! ...

#68: So You Want to Play Expanded?

Oct 19 • 01:28:31

This week we go LONG, starting off with all the Poke News, including the 25th Music Promo Cards, and the fantastic upcoming Character Art cards announced for VMax Climax! And then, we are diving into Expanded, and in particular the staple cards that you will want to pick up if you are looking to play in that format. ...

#67: Competitive Pokemon is Returning in 2022!

Oct 12 • 55:45

This week is a bit of a hodgepodge of news and meta analysis, but we are gonna make it work! Let's talk about the crazy luck Sean had on his Celebrations pulls, the announcement that competitive Pokemon is returning in 2022, and some updates to the meta since we last talked about it. ...

#66: The Occasion for Celebrations!

Oct 5 • 01:08:27

It's finally here! Celebrations, Pokemon's 25th Anniversary collection is hitting stores this Friday (10/8) and we are here to take you through all the products, prices, and cards that are in store for you (if you can find any). ...

#65: Is the Pokemon Community V-Unionizing?

Sep 28 • 01:03:54

This week we are getting back into some meta discussions, in particular the recent release of V-Unions! Are they viable? Are they fun? Can you even find them? We're also looking at a few product updates, some Fusion Arts Secret Rares, and a couple of decks that have turned the meta on its head since we last talked. ...

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