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From the Mere Orthodoxy Podcast Network: thoughtful weekly conversations about theology, the culture, and the church, hosted by Matthew Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, Alastair Roberts, and Andrew Wilson.

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The Last Things

Dec 3 • 40:37
The church year begins with Advent. But Advent begins by looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ. Why would we start with the end? The doctrine of the Last Things sheds some light on this tradition. Matt, Derek, and Alastair examine Advent and the Last Things by taking a close look at Charles Wesley’s classic Advent hymn, “Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending.”
Full s...

‘You Are Not Your Own,’ with Dr. Alan Noble

Nov 16 • 50:28
What is our only comfort in life and in death? It’s that we do not belong to ourselves, but that we belong body and soul to Jesus Christ. Alan Noble thinks that if we will embrace this teaching, the church will be able to weather modernity. How exactly does that play out in our daily lives? That’s what he talks about with Matt, Derek, Alastair, and Andrew(!) on this episod...

‘Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew,’ with Rev. Hans Boersma

Nov 9 • 52:02
What’s gone wrong in Biblical theology? We’ve turned the Bible into an object to master, instead of letting it master us. Rev. Hans Boersma’s new book, Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew, opens this conversation up very well, reminding us the job of the Biblical scholar is not primarily historical. Matt and Derek talk with Rev. Boersma, and things get a li...

Evangelical Elites

Oct 26 • 49:34
A conversation has erupted in Evangelical circles about elites and their willingness to accommodate worldly powers. But who counts as elite? Which worldly powers are they cozying up to? The answers can change depending on who’s doing the accusing. Alastair, Matt, and Derek take up the conversation to pick apart confusing threads and lower the temperature of the argument. W...

‘Funerals,’ with Dr. Tim Perry

Oct 20 • 44:11
Death is an uncomfortable subject for many people. That makes funerals difficult at the least, and even worse, confusing and traumatic. How does the Christian understanding of death influence the way we do funerals? Dr. Tim Perry, author of Funerals: For the Care of Souls, published by Lexham Press, joins Matt and Derek to liven your understanding of what it means for a Ch...

‘The Trinity and the Bible,’ with Scott Swain

Oct 7 • 43:15
Dr. Scott Swain is the President of Reformed Theological Seminary, and he is the author of The Trinity & the Bible: On Theological Interpretation published by Lexham Press. In this conversation with Derek, Matt, and Alastair, Dr. Swain helps ask and answer some big questions about the Doctrine of the Trinity: How do we find it in the Bible? Is it just imported Greek catego...

Exvangelical Deconstruction

Sep 28 • 55:07

‘Jordan Peterson, God, & Christianity,’ with Dr. Christopher Kaczor

Sep 23 • 51:36

‘A Spacious Life,’ with Dr. Ashley Hales

Sep 14 • 45:36
With the ideas like technology, progress, and liberty shaping our lives, we are formed to believe that reality is tending toward an ever greater number of choices and ever fewer limits. But is this limitless ideal a good way to live? Dr. Ashley Hales has a different idea, which she explores in her new book, A Spacious Life: Trading Hustle and Hurry for the Goodness of Limi...

Bad Church Leadership

Sep 7 • 54:51
Many Christians and ex-Christians have experienced severe trauma because of bad, even abusive, church leadership. Using the story of Mark Driscoll as a basis for comparison, Matt, Andrew, and Alastair discuss the causes and outcomes of bad leadership. They compare and contrast the US and UK churches, look at the sociology of trust, and ask how to examine one’s own leadersh...

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