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Meditations On Life


Actual meditation is creativity and knowledge about oneself,let us explore together and act as mirror to each other's relationship and explore life AS IT IS.

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Jiddu Krishnamurti-What are the experiences beyond the senses.

Dec 19 • 14:14

Does sitting quietly and observing thought have any value?

Dec 11 • 19:44

Jiddu Krishnamurti- Thought is responsible for our confusion

Dec 11 • 15:01

Jiddu Krishnamurti-There is no yesterday or tommorow.

Nov 24 • 06:46
What was and what will be is where we remain all our time till we sleep. Even in sleep our dreams are memories of what was, assembled in the subconscious. There is pleasure in the what was and what will be,which inevitably brings pain,misery and sorrow. Then one should ask is there a way out of it?Understanding how thought works,how memory plays with us,how we find comfort...

The hamster on a wheel

Nov 22 • 12:12
You wake up brush your teeth,have a bath and then go to office,work and come back and have sex,watch movies or curse your loneliness.Your life and my life is a constant drudgery and unfulfillment. So it should not be how to get out of this but to understand the whole of it.The superficialty that which hides the actual. The actual being the what is. What goes on day to day ...

Your job is your prison.

Nov 3 • 08:43

The conditioning of the human mind.

Oct 29 • 07:17
Our mind are conditioned.Everyday we are programmed on how to think and what to believe, it can be the social media, the priest, the business man or your boss. Eons and Eons of conditioning have made us into robots whose humanity has gone down the drain. Religion which was essentially a path to self-realization or to find that which is timeless is now another authority whi...

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