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Why are there nutrition labels required for the food we eat, but not the media we consume? How do you find out if the show you are sponsoring or listening to is saving lives or destroying the fabric of our democracy? The Media Roundtable is back in session for a new season this September but with aRead more

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Media Roundtable Season 4 Highlights

Nov 24 • 01:30:49
In this season of gratitude, Jennifer Laine, Head of Marketing at Oxford Road and Executive Director for Media Roundtable, joins Dan for this single episode recap of our Fall Season of Media Roundtable. Together, they look back at the changes we've made to the series, how we're living out the Media Roundtable Values within the Ad Industry, and debate/recap/highlight all te...

The Path to World Peace through Metta Brand Safety

Nov 17 • 59:54
“Life is not about paper.” - Metta Sandiford-Artest

Metta Sandiford-Artest, aka Metta World Peace, aka Ron Artest, is ahead of every curve. He was canceled before you could get canceled. He’s been a passionate advocate for mental health for over a decade. And it sure seems like Facebook’s rebrand is following in his footsteps.

How did he do it? Maybe it’s because Metta embra...

Breaking the Cultural Barrier with Julio Ricardo Varela

Nov 10 • 01:00:56
“If you’re not advertising in the Latino space now... in twenty years you’re just not going to be relevant.” - Julio Ricardo Valera

Growing up bilingual and bicultural in Puerto Rico and the Bronx, Julio Ricardo Valera didn’t see media that was made for him by people who looked like him.

Establishment media (and big advertisers) have long misunderstood that the Latino commun...

Left, Right, and Phetasy: Walk-ins Welcome Host Shows Gives Us an Entertaining Third Option

Nov 3 • 01:03:22
If Media were Politics, Walk-Ins Welcome would be a viable third-party option for Brands. Host, Bridget Phetasy is a walking masterclass in branding, who has pioneered a new, balanced approach to politics and culture. Comedian, writer (Playboy, The Atlantic, Newsweek), podcaster (Walk-ins Welcome), and YouTube star (Dumpster Fire), Phetasy invented the word phetasy to mean...

Building A Community From Scratch: Hip-Hop Revolutionary Dave Mays Joins The Media Roundtable to Announce Launch of Breakbeat Media Podcast Network

Oct 27 • 01:03:40
When Dave Mays was a sophomore at Harvard, he started a single-page newsletter to serve the hip-hop community he loved with a pipe dream of becoming hip-hop’s answer to Rolling Stone.

With millions of readers, a notorious annual awards ceremony, a nationally syndicated radio show, a clothing line, as well as being the first entrepreneur to introduce hip-hop to Madison Aven...

From Covering the Story to Becoming the Story, Megyn Kelly Puts All Her Cards on The Media Roundtable

Oct 20 • 47:20
There are plenty of talking heads in the media. But how many became part of the news cycle themselves, over and over again, on the largest stories of the last century? Enter former corporate-attorney-turned-journalist, Megyn Kelly.

In this week’s episode, we’ll cover the good, bad, and ugly of Kelly’s career while she shares her perspective on which advertisers are and are ...

Marketing with Manners: Nick Leighton and Leah Bonnema from Were You Raised by Wolves Join The Media Roundtable

Oct 13 • 58:11
What can manners teach you about marketing? Based on this week’s episode, quite a lot. Emmy Award-winning journalist Nick Leighton and stand-up comic Leah Bonnema are the creators of the hit podcast Were You Raised By Wolves? a show about etiquette and manners in everyday life, and they join The Media Roundtable to connect what mamma taught you to a sound business strategy...

FOMO Responsibly: Podcaster and Creator of the Term “FOMO”, Patrick McGinnis Joins The Media Roundtable

Sep 29 • 55:45
Success has many fathers, but FOMO only has one. His name is Patrick McGinnis. Yes, he’s a venture capitalist, writer, speaker, and creator/host of the hit podcast FOMO Sapiens, boasting over 2 million downloads, but his true place in history has been secured as the literal inventor of the Oxford Dictionary-recognized word “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out), naming the psycholog...

Climate Journalism - Critical Frequency Network Founder Joins The Media Roundtable

Sep 22 • 01:00:42
Years ago, advertisers could essentially run their commercials anywhere, as long as they hit their marketing objectives. But today, more and more advertisers demand far deeper insights than just what their ads mean to their bottom line. Marketing in today’s climate is about not only knowing if something “works” or not but, you want to feel good about the media you support....

The Podcast History Tellers; Lindsay Graham Joins The Media Roundtable

Sep 15 • 56:19
They say history repeats itself, so there may be no better person than American history aficionado and podcast mastermind, Lindsay Graham to show us what we have in store for the future of the medium. Lindsay’s podcast pedigree is unmatched, with nearly everything he touches worthy of sponsorship consideration for most advertisers. This week, he gives an insider’s look at ...

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