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A show that explores ways to make life a little more interesting, with the intention of convincing you to entertain ideas that you wouldn't normally allow yourself to consider. These ideas would normally get thrown in the crazy basket, but there may just be some merit to them. Each episode will Read more

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The future is

May 25 • 34:46

We have the machinery, so are we already living in the technology driven future promised by science fiction movies? Also an answer to why we haven’t met any time travel tourists…. yet....

What's your meditation?

May 4 • 28:35

Dear Vic, Having a glass of wine is not your meditation.  The experts have backed me on this. Join me as I go on an inner journey to discover the pros and cons of meditation.

Jonesing for a Coffee

Apr 19 • 34:46

When people talk about their passion for coffee, they always talk about the taste, the aroma and how they "need it".... but there is never any real acknowledgement of the fact that they just love getting high... on coffee. ...

Sleep - A Solution to All Problems

Apr 1 • 32:08

Sleep could possibly be the solution to all your problems, you need it to be healthy and it's also a place to explore your inner most ideas and thoughts through a technique called lucid dreaming. Join me as I speak to sleep enthusiasts, dream practitioners and scientists about this interesting way to approach your nightly slumber ...

Murder Free Food is a Myth

Mar 18 • 39:36

In part one of McUniverse we serve a 3 course meal of ideas as a carnivore, a vegan and a scientist, talk about the ethics of eating and the consciousness of plants....


Mar 10 • 00:50

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