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Maximus Live #33 | Is Libido King? The truth about T Supplements, Dating a girl on only fans

Jul 27 • 57:20

In this episode, Dr. Cam gives his unpopular opinion on how T supplements don't work and that you should be wary of what you buy. Also, he answers live viewers questions about the myths of freezing your balls to increase testosterone, the myths about high T leading to communication problems, and his take on whether you should date a girl with an only fans account. Lastly, ...

Maximus Live 32 | Monogamy Vs Polyamory, Side Hustles, Social Media & Mental Health | Dr. Cam Sepah

Jul 17 • 01:01:51

Dr. Cam hosts another episode of Maximus Live. He starts by giving his unpopular opinion and psychological take on social media and how it effects our mental health. He also answers live viewers questions on topics such as how to be a great leader, monogamy vs polyamory, masculinity, mental health, and how Propecia effects men's testosterone & DHT. ...

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Risks Of Alcohol, Succeeding at your Job, Focus even with ADHD, Toxic behaviors | Maximus Live #31

Jul 9 • 01:01:00

Friendships in The Modern Age, Dopamine & Habit Forming & Enclomiphene | Maximus Live #30

Jul 2 • 55:30

In this episode, Dr. Cam covers various topics and answers some live viewer questions. Dr. Cam explains his take on how friendships are formed in the modern age and how the internet & social media have interfered with everyone's ability to build friendships. He also answers a live question about Enclomiphene and how it can increase testosterone in men. Also, he talks about...

Why is PEA better than CBD & Dating in the now post Covid Quarantine life | Maximums Live #29

Jun 25 • 59:12

In this episode, Dr. Cam talks about PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) which is a compound found in Cannabis and how it has way more health benefits than CBD. Also, Dr. cam answers a live viewers question about dealing with depression while in a relationship. Lastly, Dr. Cam and the live audience discuss dating and how it has changed in the now post Covid Quarantine life....

Testosterone and ADHD, MTHFR Defect, Organic Deodorant & Diet vs Exercise | Maximus Live #28

Jun 18 • 01:02:24

In this episode Dr. Cam Sepah answers live questions from viewers. He talks about Testosterone, ADHD and how certain supplements may benefit other over prescription medications. He also answers a live question about MTHFR gene defect and using methylated folate as a supplement. He also answers a live question about losing weight and how diet is more important than exercise...

The Health Benefits of Breathwork with Robert Bent | Maximus Podcast

Jun 15 • 34:20

In this episode Dr. cam Sepah interviews Robert Bent who is the CEO of Inward Breathwork. Robert also explains the health benefits of breathing exercises and gives Dr. Cam a live demo of an Inward session. Watch this episode to learn more and follow along with a breathing exercise....

Psychologist Explains How To Find Your Purpose & Define Your Values | Maximus Live 27

Jun 11 • 50:45

In This Episode, Dr. Cam takes live questions from viewers. He answers questions about how to find your purpose in life, how to define your values, and how to define who "you" were always meant to be. He also answers some health questions about melatonin supplements and how it can hinder your bodies natural production....

Making The Man: Robert Bent CEO of Inward | Advice For Future Entrepreneurs | Maximus Podcast

Jun 8 • 01:05:35

In this episode of Making The Man, Dr. Cam interviews the Entrepreneur and Investor Robert Bent. Robert is the CEO and co-founder of Inward. It is an at home app breathwork that pairs with a physical space (sauna + ice bath health social hang space). He also studied at Ivey Business school at western university and has helped create other businesses such as INVI Energy, Ro...

Psychologist Explains Tyler Durden's Motto of Self Destruction & Testosterone | Maximus Live #26

Jun 4 • 53:33

Dr. Cam Sepah takes live questions and talks about topics such as Tyler Durden, Fight Club, the concept of self destruction, masculinity, testosterone optimization & oxytocin....

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