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The podcast & call-in radio show for men to maximize their mind, body, & masculinity.

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Sleep and diet vs Testosterone| What is DHT and men’s hair loss options? | Maximus Live #41

Oct 27 • 01:04:02

Dr. Cam takes live viewer questions about sleep, diet exercise, DHT, mens options when trying to increase Testosterone without loosing more hair....

The Real Decline In Men's Testosterone with Dr. Jim Hotaling & Dr. Cam | Maximus Podcast

Oct 12 • 57:25

In this episode Dr. Cam interviews another medical advisor to Maximus, Dr. Jim Hotaling. Dr. Jim is an MD and Professor of Urology at The University of Utah Health. He is known as one of the best experts when it comes to Men's health, erectile dysfunction, penile reconstructive surgery, and testosterone. In this episode, they both talk about men's health, testosterone opti...

The Decline In Men's Testosterone | Maximus Podcast | Dr. Eugene Shippen & Dr. Cam

Oct 4 • 01:30:16

In this episode of the Maximus Podcast, Dr. Cam interviews Dr. Eugene Shippen. Dr. Eugene has over 50 years of medical experience in endocrinology & family medicine. Dr. Eugene is one of the leading endocrinologists in the US, has been at the forefront of men's health and treating men with low testosterone. In this episode you will learn about Dr. Eugene's backstory, what ...

Losing 100lbs In 1 Year and the truth of Keto Diets | The Maximus Podcast Part 2 with Josh Hatcher

Sep 28 • 47:33

We are excited to share part 2 of the Maximus Podcast with Josh Hatcher. In this episode, Dr. Cam interviews Josh Hatcher about his journey in loosing 100 pounds in 1 year, the diet he used to achieve that goal and the unspoken truths about ketogenic diets. Also, Dr. Cam breaks down the differences between all of the popular diets out there and which one is meant for weigh...

Making The Man Josh Hatcher | Surviving Bullying & Advice for Fathers | Maximus Podcast

Sep 14 • 01:05:13

In this episode, Dr. Cam interviews Josh Hatcher. Josh is a writer, port, musician, and father of 3. Dr. Cam and Josh talk about Josh's upbringing, how he survived bullying and got involved in creative outlets to manage his stress. Also, Josh talks about becoming a father and how his entire perspective on life, happiness and fulfillment changed....

Are You Vitamin D Deficient? Everything you need to know about Magnesium | LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS | Maximus Live #40

Sep 14 • 01:01:07

Dr. Cam will be live today at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. He will be talking about Testosterone, the Maximus King Protocol & medication that actually works for men. Also, Dr. Cam will be answering live questions from viewers....

Men's Health, Testosterone & Psychology with Dr. Cam | LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS | Maximus Live #39

Sep 7 • 01:01:59

In this episode Dr. Cam talks about Testosterone and Why it's more impactful on the brain vs the body. Also, Dr. cam takes live listener questions via clubhouse about testosterone optimization T supplement myths, health behaviors & the potential decrease of Testosterone because of social cultural norms for men....

DR. Cam Explains Everything You Need To Know About ED | LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS | Maximus Live #38

Sep 6 • 01:04:10

In this episode Dr. Cam takes a live viewer's question about ED. He explains everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction in men, how it is linked to testosterone levels and how to manage any potential psychological causes of ED. Also, Dr. Cam gives a breakdown on all of the medication and supplement options for erectile dysfunction. Lastly, Dr. Cam talks about t...

The Future of Psychedelic Medicine & Ketamine Therapy with Dylan Beynon the CEO of Mindbloom | Maximus Podcast

Aug 9 • 01:05:39

This episode of the Maximus Podcast is Part 2 of the interview with Dylan Beynon the CEO of Mindbloom. Dylan talks about his company, why he started Mindbloom and what they provide for their patients. Dylan also talks about why they focus on Ketamine assisted psychotherapy and the neurological affects Ketamine has on the brain. Also, Dr. Cam and Dylan discuss the future of...

Making The Man: Dylan Beynon The CEO & Founder of Mindbloom | Maximus Podcast

Aug 3 • 40:30

In this episode, Dr. Cam interviews Dylan Beynon. Currently, Dylan is the CEO and founder of Mindbloom. Mindbloom is a mental health and wellbeing brand helping people achieve personal and clinical breakthroughs with at-home, clinician-prescribed psychedelic therapies. Dylan graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as a Trustee Scholar with conce...

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