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Matt Waldman’s NFL and college football scouting podcast.

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Matt Waldman’s RSP Scout Talk: Quarterback Development with Throwing Coach Will Hewlett

Dec 2 • 01:06:58
Matt Waldman's RSP Scout Talk sits down with quarterback trainer Will Hewlett for a conversation about NFL and college quarterback coaching, quarterback development, archetypes of throwers, and current passers he loves to watch. 

The myth of the NFL "coaching up" quarterbacks.
The range of quarterback environments in NFL organizations.
Recent technology that's he...

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Quick Game with Mark Schofield: Week 13

Nov 30 • 01:18:49
Matt Waldman's RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield discuss the viability of benching an injured Baker Mayfield, the contrasting coaching and team-building of the Patriots and Ravens, and a game of "That Good/That Bad."

Candidates to emerge in December as a players of note.
Teams sneaking up on the NFL fan base.
Positive thoughts about a player we've been critical of.

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Week 11 with Mark Schofield

Nov 23 • 01:07:33
Matt Waldman and Mark Schofield tackle stunts, underutilized NFL players, a college TE and RB of note, slumping players, and odd Thanksgiving Day scenarios. 

The value of E-T stunts and line games: Where they work, where they don't.
Players who have more left in the tank after this year than you may think.
Most underutilize player on Seattle, San Francisco, Cleve...

RSP Quick Game Wk 11 with Mark Schofield: Teddy, OBJ, Pitts, McBride, and Weird Fan Bases

Nov 16 • 01:20:06
Matt Waldman and Mark Schofield talk about the AFC North, the exploitable holes in the Ravens and Buccs  defenses, the oddities of specific NFL fanbases, favorite plays of the week, Teddy, OBJ, and Kyle Pitts on this week's RSP Quick Game. 

Teddy Controversy: Is the "reasonable vilification" justifiable?
Player safety and the distance/surface changes between the e...

RSP Quick Game WK 10 with Mark Schofield: Freelancing WRs, Beckham, Titans, Gap Plays, and Evaluation Framework

Nov 9 • 01:19:23
Power play from "11" personnel
Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman tackle the NFL topics ranging from Odell Beckham's former destination and desired destination to the anedcotal rise of gap blocking in the NFL. 

Are we seeing more gap runs than we have in the recent past? Even if this is simply anecdotal, explain why this might be if you agree.
Was Mac Jones' handling ...

RSP Quick Game WK 9 with Mark Schofield: Ridley, Ruggs, Miller, Peterson, and Gyros

Nov 2 • 01:10:32
Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman tackle the NFL topics ranging from Von Miller and Adrian Peterson to Calvin Ridley and Henry Ruggs. 

Impressions of backup quarterback performances on Sunday: White, Rush, and Siemian.
Thoughts on and off the field regarding Calvin Ridley and Henry Ruggs.
Von Miller's impact in LA.
Adrian Peterson in Tennessee.
Mac Jones' progres...

RSP Quick Game Wk 8 with Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman: Chase, Cards, Chiefs, Eagles, and Joust

Oct 26 • 01:16:20
Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman tackle the NFL topics ranging from Ja'Marr Chase to Garrett Wilson in this episode of the popular RSP Quick Game. 

What's going on with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense?
Why Ja'Marr Chase is proving he was the best choice for the Cincinnati Bengals ahead of LT Penei Sewell.
Is Miami making a good decision to pursue Deshaun W...

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Conversations with Jon Ledyard — Part I Formative Experiences

Oct 22 • 01:31:26
Matt Waldman's RSP Cast begins a non-football podcast series with Pewter Report and former Draft Network writer Jon Ledyard about our personal experiences pertaining to the subject of race in America. 
This one of several conversations Jon and I will have about race in America from our perspective. We believe that before white people can truly help, they have to learn how t...

Matt Waldman’s RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield: Week 7

Oct 19 • 01:15:04
Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman tackle the NFL topics ranging from Odell Beckam to Schofield's new cat agility training in this episode of the popular RSP Quick Game. 

Thoughts on the Patriots-Cowboys thriller — Prescott, Jones, and Stevenson.
Why Justin Herbert's career has created irrational behavior from fans and media about Tua Tagovailoa and Chase Young.

Matt Waldman’s RSP Scout Talk: RB Therapy with J. Moyer

Oct 14 • 01:20:40
FF Astronauts analyst and RSP alum J. Moyer returns to the RSP Cast for some scout talk, and a much needed sanity check for the both of us, about NFL running backs, including the 49ers' backfield and second-year pros. 
This is my favorite podcast of the year so far for so many reasons. J's great people and it's always fun to catch up. He may also be the only analyst I know ...

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