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Clarity for your digital business. Matt Report episodes uncover the most resilient digital business builders in the digital, WordPress, SaaS, and no-code space. If you're building a sustainable online brand or business, this is the best podcast to follow. Featuring guests like: This week inRead more

Popular episodes

How to become a WordPress ambassador w/ Maciej Palmowski

Nov 24 • 40:24

There's no better feeling than when you launch something that just clicks with people....

Building a theme business using Gatsby w/ Alexandra Spalato

Nov 5 • 29:16

Now that the WordPress acquisition market has cooled a bit, it's time to stoke the fire on all things Gatsby and JAMStack-y-ness….again....

Competing with content w/ Derek Gleason

Oct 22 • 41:13

I mentor at a local business accelerator for sustainable startups that have community impact. Small -- no, tiny -- startups that are just getting out of the idea phase. More often than not, this is the founder's first leap into running a business....

Dave Foy’s switch to Webflow

Oct 7 • 43:30

As designers or developers -- even product makers -- when WordPress is your hammer, everything looks like a nail....

Syed Balkhi on Awesome Motive acquiring Sandhills Development plugins

Sep 24 • 22:35

The WordPress acquisition world was rocking this week....

Pippin Williamson on selling his plugins to Awesome Motive

Sep 22 • 37:43

Today's a bittersweet moment in WordPress business land with the announcement of Awesome Motive acquiring Sandhills Development suite of plugins including Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, and more....

How to find the perfect customer in a crowded market

Aug 13 • 44:06

Even with all of the WordPress consolidation happening, there's still plenty of opportunity ahead for the industry....

Side hustle to full time business w/ Travis Lopes

Jul 29 • 45:21

Is there ever a right time to start a business?... From part time business to world domination

Jul 15 • 45:21

I appreciate a good side hustle story....

Eight years and 100,000 active installs later

Jun 29 • 39:55

Probably just like you, the exploration for the secret ingredient to running a successful business is a tricky one....

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