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‪The matrix is real, and it conquers the mind, body, and spirit of the masses. We all have a duty to break free from this shackling matrix, and help others do the same. Matrix-Breakers is a podcast that empowers people with truthful information on a wide variety of topics that ‪include, but are notRead more

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World Economic Crises Explained

Nov 12 • 15:03

Wanted to provide a quick update on the world economy to point out some very important elements that will be coming into fruition in the next couple months. ...

SW Airlines Debacle & The Importance of Learning History

Oct 12 • 31:08

The latest SW airlines debacle is yet another great example of how state control can ruin businesses and entire industries. When socialists and fascists (who are of the same kin) talk boldly about state control over industries as a way to "do what's right for the collective" their naivety around political self serving interests is astonishing. Nobody with any level of inte...

The Economic Pilgrimage: Investing in a Free and Righteous Business for Free Thinkers (pt. 2)

Sep 29 • 49:15

Please feel free to reach me directly at for any questions about Youngevity, network marketing, business, or anything I covered in this podcast. I'd be open to having a discussion to provide further details on this lengthy subject previewed on this episode! ...

The Economic Pilgrimage: Investing in a Free and Righteous Business for Free Thinkers (pt.1)

Sep 29 • 35:05

13 Marines Killed, Chess Pieces on The World Stage, & Medical Tyranny Clarified

Aug 28 • 01:22:36

The History of Modern Medicine & Medical Tyranny on "Straight Talk With Marianne"

Aug 25 • 01:06:13

Marianne has been a wonderful friend and business colleague of mine for over 8 years. Our connection started by our passion for health & nutrition with the company Youngevity and has since expanded with our astonishment of the medical tyranny that has swamped our planet in the last year. ...

Jonathan & Rachael: Personal Transformation, Empowering Concepts, & Connecting to Your Emotions

Aug 21 • 01:34:45

An absolutely incredible podcast full of wisdom on the topic of personal transformation. Both of these individuals have had extensive life experience and training in many different modalities which provided them with incredible knowledge to share with everyone here! ...

Afghanistan Explained: Geo-political Ramifications, Chinese Influence, Death of The Globalist American Empire

Aug 20 • 01:21:02

Sammi Kate: The Raw Journey of Intuition & How It Will Set You Free

Jul 23 • 01:06:37

Sammi and I connected recently here in Boulder, CO on her return from Costa Rica. She inspired me with our conversations about the power of intuition and how the connection to it brought about incredible freedom in her life. ...

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs & Kaylen Barstad: Truth About The Human Body, The Function of Nutrition, & How To Heal With Non-Toxic Remedies

Jul 16 • 01:04:24

Ben Fuchs is a pharmacist, radio show host, and developer of skin care products. He is known internationally for his work with biochemistry and natural healing methods. ...

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