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Community is more important than ever. This show brings you conversations with the top community builders, leaders, and experts in the world. Hear their stories, insights, and advice, and take your community strategy to the next level.

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EP12: The Unbundling of Internet Communities w/ Greg Isenberg

Aug 24 • 57:38
Greg Isenberg is an online community builder that is dedicated to finding what people are passionate about and building communities for them. He is the Co-Founder of Late Checkout, a company that designs, creates, and acquires online communities that are off of the big social media platforms. Greg shares how he identifies business opportunities with communities that he kno...

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Powering through Loneliness with Adam Smiley Poswolsky

Apr 13 • 01:00:20
Adam Smiley Poswolsky, author of Friendship in the Age of Loneliness, joins us today to talk about the loneliness epidemic and the power of in-person friendships. Smiley shares his experience of digitally detoxing at ‘Camp Grounded’ and the positive impact that this has on overcoming loneliness and finding purpose. We discuss how media can be a way-station to connect and m...

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How To Build a Social Media Community with Matthew Kobach

Mar 15 • 01:01:00
Matthew Kobach is the Director of Content Marketing at Fast, a PhD dropout, and former social media manager at NYSE. Matthew joins us in this episode to share how he used community building lessons to create gripping content, grow social media channels, and communicate more effectively. Matthew shares his three steps to building a social media brand, which consist of being...

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Proving the Business Value of Community with Erica Kuhl

Nov 30 • 01:13:47
In today’s episode, community consultant and Salesforce Former VP of Community, Erica Kuhl, joins us to share her greatest community growth advice. Years before community was a known industry, Erica used three methods to successfully get buy-in from the Salesforce Executives. She worked with Salesforce users and product managers to strengthen and build the product. She the...

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[Repost] Quitting Communities, Choosing Platforms, and Developing Strategy with Sarah Hawk

Apr 19 • 01:05:52
In today’s Masters of Community episode, you’ll hear from Community Industry expert of 20 years and native New Zealander, Sarah Hawk. Hawk began working as a software developer at Xerox in the 90’s, where her interest in the tech community was sparked and led her to eventually landing the role as a community manager. Her experience as a community manager at SitePoint netwo...

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