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Mastering Your Law Practice: law practice management, law firm marketing, rainmaking, attorney lifestyle


Mastering the Business of Practicing Law: Practical, easy to use advice on law practice management, law firm marketing, rainmaking and attorney lifestyle. Make the most from your legal practice. Attorney Thom Goolsby is a long practicing and successful trial attorney, as well as a former lawRead more

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Texting Secrets: Train Your Clients to Save Time & Make You Money

Nov 10 • 24:54

How to Handle Angry Clients (When You Screw Up)

Jan 8 • 05:38
How do you deal with angry clients? It's not what you might think. The latest studies show, it's not about an apology. It's about generating solutions to the problem you (or your staff) created. The more focused you are on problem solving, the happier the client will be. Most surprising, coming up with the best solution ranks number two to brainstorming skills.

It may be ti...

Magic of Perseverance

Nov 4 • 19:24
Attorney Thom Goolsby shares more wisdom from his 25 years in the trenches. Learn how to use a few spare minutes during your day to chart your course and plan business and personal growth to achieve extraordinary results. As with all of his podcasts, Thom gives clear, easy to follow directions and hacks to help his fellow attorneys make the most of their practices. Listen,...

Why You Need to Train Your Clients & How to Do It

Aug 2 • 22:58
You must train your clients from the first meeting what to expect with their case. Not only should you "Under-promise and over-deliver," but you must set reasonable expectations for all aspects of the case: potential results, communication and workload. This podcast is full of great tips to save time and energy when communicating with clients, plus several methods for keep...

Your Law Firm's Success Starts & Ends with One Word: WHY?

Jun 29 • 23:33
The foundation of success for your law firm is built upon the answer to one word: Why? This podcast explores the mistakes many attorneys make by focusing on what their firm does and how to attract clients, rather than addressing a more basic question.

Most marketing stumbles occur when law firms attempt to manipulate potential clients into hiring them, rather than inspiring...

Getting Retained: The Fine Art of Being in High Demand

Jun 17 • 37:48
Learn to bring together your entire marketing mix as a "combined arms" approach to establishing yourself as a "high demand" attorney where clients hope you will take their case (and not the other way around). We pull together lots of information from other shows and help you see how all of your efforts will work in combination to make you the preeminent marketing machine y...

Testimonials & Reputation Management for Attorneys

May 27 • 29:26
The best way to protect your online reputation is to have a bank of strong testimonials from happy, satisfied clients. This podcast will give you great tips for not only protecting your reputation, but will teach you how to garner the best possible testimonials at the most opportune times. We give you an outline for creating powerful, killer testimonials every time and sho...

Why You Should Be a Trial Lawyer

May 18 • 25:07
How can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the legal community? Become a Trial Attorney. There is no greater skill a lawyer can have than being comfortable in the courtroom. This podcast gives great advice on how to learn the necessary skills for the courtroom, as well as how to locate cases to try. Join Trial Attorney Thom Goolsby for this valuable, thought-provo...

Dealing Effectively with Difficult Clients

May 8 • 24:45
How do you handle difficult clients? This podcast gives you the tools and hacks you need to set up each client for success. With totally unreasonable clients, you may be forced to fire them. However, before you get to that point, you should exhaust all reasonable measures. It starts during the intake process and continues until your representation is complete. Follow our i...

Maximize Referrals to Your Law Firm

Apr 20 • 43:08
Referrals by other attorneys can be the least expensive and most prestigious method of obtaining new clients. When another attorney recommends you to a friend, acquaintance, family member or client, you have a potential customer who is primed to hire you. This episode is packed with easy to apply advice and a system to maximize the referral of business to you from fellow l...

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