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Martinis and the Macabre


Martinis and the Macabre is a biweekly podcast featuring morbid murders, mysteries, and mayhem. Hosted by Erica and Billy, who cordially invite you to their cocktail party to drunkenly discuss the dark side of humanity. Cheers!

Popular episodes

Episode 84-Dicks of the Sea

Apr 9 • 59:28

If you are a faithful listener, then you can probably guess what this episode is about: Erica (Go)'s go-go juice when recording. If you're new, then enjoy listening to the tale from Scandinavian folklore about the most awesome sea creature ever believed to have lived. And rum. Lots of rum....

Episode 83-Dem Covids (A Patreon Special)

Mar 30 • 52:34

Erica and Billy did a Patreon episode last week that a listener had requested, talking about the current state of the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Of course the information was "current" as of last week.) They discussed both local and global issues, the virus and what it does to your body, symptoms to be aware of, and how to decrease your chances of contracting it....

Episode 82-He Wasn't on the Right Track

Mar 26 • 01:30:57

A drunken young man. Two rifles and a shotgun. 45 minutes. Over 20 people dead or wounded. Belinda blinks. scary! Fin....

Episode 81-Don't Shout Your Name While Assaulting IHOP Patrons

Feb 27 • 01:10:23

When you think of a mass shooting at a school, what do you imagine? A disgruntled male teenager that shoots up his high school is generally what we see. But what if Erica and Billy told you that there was a completely different kind of mass school shooting that happened just over 10 years ago? You'd probably say, "I bet that's what this episode is about." And you'd be right....

Episode 80-The Money is Buried Under the...

Feb 13 • 01:10:22

Erica and Billy just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary this week. And Billy suggested the topic of deathbed confessions. A little worried or guilty conscience? Inquiring minds want to know......

Episode 79-Hot Pocket and Vagina Candle

Jan 30 • 01:16:41

The 1920's in Detroit were weird, especially when a family of five was hacked to death with an ax. And especially when the father claimed to be mystical healer that received visions from deities in the middle of the night. And especially since he made an alter in his basement and had his own self-written 'bible' published. And especially since the case has never been solved....

Episode 78-Did Y'all Hear About Abraham Lincoln?

Jan 16 • 01:05:26

The American Civil War is over. The President has been assassinated. And there is a boat that's, like, gonna blow up or something. And over 1,500 people are going to die. But there's obviously nothing historical about that. Right, Lincoln?...

Episode 77-505 W. Jujitsu Lane

Dec 31 • 01:41:42

Happy Podversary, Snugglebunnies! Erica and Billy decided to celebrate the anniversary of Martinis and the Macabre (and New Year's) by hitting your ear holes with the most horrific case of torture and murder. (Well, Billy had no part in the decision and was totally against it, but the show must go on.) It is a case so utterly horrible that Erica and Billy thought it would ...

Episode 76-Gonna Get In The Hot Tub

Dec 19 • 01:10:35

Have you ever wondered how to split a knee or rip off a breast, or maybe how to properly roast a person while making their screams sound like a bull? Well, you're in luck! Erica and Billy have found some of the most grisly methods and devices of torture and are going to share them with you! Hope you have a stomach of steel because it's going to get gross......

Episode 75-The Loneliest Red String (Pt. 2)

Dec 5 • 01:18:42

This week's episode is the conclusion to the story of Larry Eyler, the gay sadist serial killer of the Midwest who almost didn't get caught. Erica and Billy discuss the life of Eyler, his capture and punishment, and who Billy's man-crush is--you know, the usual. Full of tangents and offensive jokes, this episode may just be the best thing to ever enter your earballs! Or th...

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