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Marketing Trends is your #1 podcast for all things marketing. Twice a week you’ll get to hear interviews with industry-leading marketers, including CMOs, CEOs, and thought leaders in the field. Tune in to hear the war stories and best practices from marketers who helped build the Fortune 500.

Popular episodes

Jumping on Opportunities Through Rapid Expansion with Christine de Wendel, Co-Founder and CEO US Sunday

Jan 14 • 46:32

There is an old saying that in every tragedy there is an opportunity. Sometimes it’s our darkest moments that we find a way to make the world a better place, and that’s exactly what ...

Legacy Brand Evolution for a New Generation with Mayur Gupta, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Gannett

Jan 12 • 54:43

Technology has been disrupting the journalism industry to its core for decades. As younger generations come of age, the need to keep them informed in ways that reach and speak to them requires moving into new verticals, and maybe even thinking about who your competitors are differently. After all, what is news today? How is it consumed, ingested, and most importantly where...

Designing the Best Employee Experience with Amy Frampton, Head of Marketing, BambooHR

Jan 7 • 42:19

Your employees are arguably the most important part of your business. Giving them a good employee experience means keeping up-to-date on important HR deadlines and notices, such as giving raises, as one example. Amy Frampton, Head of Marketing, BambooHR, wants to help both parties, employers and employees, navigate the sometimes frustrating process of onboarding and managi...

The Challenges of the Modern CMO Addressed with Ingrid Burton, CMO Quantcast

Jan 5 • 41:55

Marketing leaders are faced with a litany of challenges, an ocean of tools, and seemingly infinite amounts of data, which can all get a bit overwhelming. Ingrid Burton, CMO of Quantcast, is passionate about the industry and on Marketing Trends she discusses with me some of the obstacles the modern marketer faces. ...

Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics with Amanda Malko, CMO at G2

Dec 31 • 43:02

Bringing new people into your business is exciting and it’s important to get the right match, all the way down to someone who fits that stage of the company. Through experience building great teams in her career, Amanda Malko, now the CMO at G2, knows what to look for in job candidates. Going beyond assessing their ability to complete tasks and looking for a future team me...

Business to Government and Democratization of Space with Jason Held, CEO of Saber Astronautics

Dec 29 • 39:55

The next business frontier, in terms of physical spaces, is not one you can physically walk on. I’m talking about outer space, and I’m talking about it today with my friend, Jason Held, CEO of Saber Astronautics. I got to know Jason a few years back by chance, and immediately was captivated by his story, his passion, and his ground-breaking work in the space industry. Base...

Listening and Adapting in a More Personalized Market with JC Lapierre, U.S. Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at PwC

Dec 24 • 47:07

Mentorship is a sexy topic that gets thrown around in a lot of interviews, but this week’s guest does more than just talk about it. We caught up with her JC Lapierre, the U.S. Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at PwC as she was wrapping up with a regular mentorship session that she offers to her team. If you really want to see change, make some changes to your sche...

Storytelling: The Underutilized Marketing Tool with Rashad Drakeford, Head of Content Marketing, Robinhood

Dec 22 • 50:12

Taking the plunge into unfamiliar territory, such as investing, can not only be a difficult fray to enter, but scary at the same time. When should you buy? Should you sell? What is the right stock for you to buy?. The world of finance and largely, participating in investment has long been the domain of the few and privileged. Now, thanks to the companies like Robinhood, be...

Focusing on the Bedrock of Brand Promise with Lindsey Roy, CMO and SVP, Hallmark

Dec 17 • 44:35

As the methods of communicating messages of love, sympathy, celebration, or holiday cheer have evolved in the last 100 years, the 20 billion-dollar greeting card industry continues to adapt to serve multiple generations of ‘caring-connectors’. This term ‘caring-connector’, used by Hallmark CMO and SVP, Lindsey Roy, to describe Hallmark customers of all ages and demographic...

Customer-Focused Growth Led by Damien Wilson, the CEO of Røde Microphones

Dec 15 • 38:07

Content is a word that gets thrown around a lot, and the truth is, today it is easier than ever before to create content. A big reason for that is thanks to companies such as Røde Microphones, which create budget-minded products that constantly push the industry forward. For Røde, innovation is the name of the game and no one knows that better than Damien Wilson, the CEO o...

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