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Marketing Hyperdrive


Marketing insights. Personal revelations. Humour and hubris from Mike Allton, author, speaker and writer.

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Episode 19: bye hybrid virtual events

Nov 11 • 21:45

In a departure from the norm, this episode of Marketing Hyperdrive features a snippet from an interview I did with the folks at Social Chatter, all about virtual events. We discuss:...

Episode 18: this is totally unfair

Feb 15 • 10:45

In today's episode of Marketing Hyperdrive, Mike Allton shares a lesson from 9th Century England (and a Netflix show) that helps illustrate how to find and leverage an unfair advantage you have over your competitors....

Episode 17: this is (not) how you start a blog

Feb 7 • 21:25

Episode 16: Why Is Instagram The Way It Is?

Jan 31 • 12:26

In this episode of Marketing Hyperdrive, Mike Allton breaks down the the delicate balance Instagram must create between keeping users interested & engaged, and offering real value to advertising businesses, including a dive into the API and why certain features are or are not allowed. The full transcript and this week's valuable links can be found at https://www.TheSocialM...

Episode 15: Our box turtle view of social media.

Jan 24 • 14:14

Episode 14: Should you take a stand on social media?

Jan 17 • 11:39

Episode 13: Write your name in the stars

Jan 10 • 14:35

Episode 12: How to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for on Twitter

Jan 4 • 14:13

Episode 11: be TikTok for your customers (seriously)

Jan 4 • 16:18

Episode 10: Collaboration vs. Competition

Jan 4 • 11:10

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