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Everton was the perfect American suburb, cookie-cutter homes full of every modern appliance imaginable, green grass, and shopping malls, but that was 70 years ago. Now the town sits, empty and rotting. Something beneath the suburbs stirs, and threatens to change everything. New Episodes every otherRead more

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10. All Fall Down

Apr 1 • 01:08:31

All things come to an end, eventually. The seed that once blossomed and grew, will slowly shrivel, and decay into. But from that decay, new life may yet again grow. Cyclical is the word. Things here are cyclical. ...

9. Her Thorns Were My Only Delight

Mar 25 • 50:17

The lady of the hour makes an appearance. Marital problems are resolved. A castle crumbles. ...

8. When a Door is not a Door

Mar 18 • 53:24

Welcome to Conway's Mansion. It is a castle halfway up the hill, and full of monstrosities that put Tithers and Gnashers to shame. ...

7. In The Hut of the Mountain King

Mar 11 • 46:52

Once upon a time, the Mountain King lived in a grand castle atop the mountain he had made. Now, he lives in a decrepit shack, in a cave, near a lake, at the base of his mountain. And he is no longer the King of the Mount, but rather King of the Gate. And today, the King of the Gate, is trying to take a nap, this is of course is interrupted. ...

6. There and Back Again

Feb 4 • 01:01:22

When people refer to a "path of snakes" they very rarely mean it literally. Unfortunately, Agents Washington and Harris must literally traverse the path of snakes. Serpents, spiders, and stone stacks await our heroes in today's tale. Won't you join them? ...

5. Trust The Process

Jan 21 • 47:22

They say there is no rest for the wicked. While Agents Washington and Harris aren't what anyone would define as "wicked," they are without rest. Perhaps the monastery on the horizon might offer them reprieve from their journey? Of course, like everything else in this world, not all is as it seems......

4. Conscience of the Cosmonaut

Dec 24 • 54:15

In a lighthouse that contains a bowling alley, alongside a cosmonaut that contains multitudes, Agents Harris and Washington finally learn the lore of the land. ...

3. But My Mind is Caged

Dec 10 • 45:47

This week, Agents Washington and Harris get a little more acquainted with Tithers, and Processing Camp I-7-Alpha. Meanwhile, Everton has an unexpected visitor of the "fucked up fleshy squid" kind. ...

2. My Body Lies Across the Ocean

Nov 26 • 49:00

Welcome to Shoresville. Agents Washington and Harris find themselves in a shanty sea-side motel . It's sandy, shady, and senescent. ...

1. Welcome To Everton

Nov 12 • 42:10

Everton was suppose to be a suburban paradise! Shopping malls, modern homes, and more! Then, every man, woman and child vanished. Now, seventy years since the mass exodus, things are stirring beneath Everton. Dark, dangerous things. Join Agents Washington and Harris as they investigate what is left of this enigmatic town....

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