Malicious Life by Cybereason tells the unknown stories of the history of cybersecurity, with comments and reflections by real hackers, security experts, journalists, and politicians.

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The State of Credit Card Security [ML B-Side]

Jul 26 • 22:56

Albert Gonzalez, Part 3

Jul 20 • 31:14

DerbyCon – Dave Kennedy [ML B-Side]

Jul 13 • 36:58

Albert Gonzalez, Part 2

Jul 7 • 37:26

Working with the Secret Service, Albert Gonzalez was outstanding. He was such a good employee, in fact, that they had him do seminars, and speak at government conferences. At one point he met personally with the then Director of the Secret Service. Albert gave a presentation, and got to shake the man’s hand.
It’s a remarkable redemption story, you’d have to say. There was ...

Jeff Moss: DEF CON [ML B-Side]

Jun 28 • 36:41

Albert Gonzales, Part 1

Jun 21 • 27:01

It was as a teenager that Albert Gonzalez–one of the few greatest cybercriminals in history–developed the obsession that would go on to ruin his life. Gonzalez and some of his friends would go on to pull off some of the most remarkable crimes in the history of computers – but they just didn’t know when to stop. If they did, they might have gotten away with it. They might ...

THOTCON Hacking Conference [B-Side]

Jun 15 • 30:43

THOTCON is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill security conference – and it’s even obvious from the moment you browse their website. How did a local, small-scale event in Chicago, grow to become a major cybersecurity conference, and what is its connection to The Matrix movie? Producer Eliad Kimhy talks to Nick Percoco and Jonathan Tomek, two of THOTCON’s founders....

China’s Unrestricted Warfare, Part 3

Jun 8 • 35:48

For more than a decade, China orchestrated a sophisticated espionage campaign against Nortel Networks, using Huawei, Chinese civilians working in Canada, and even organized crime gangs to steal important technical and operational information. When Nortel finally fell, the Chinese were there to reap the rewards of their death....

Colonial Pipeline & DarkSide: Assaf Dahan [B-Side]

Jun 1 • 29:49

On Friday, May 7th, 2021, Colonial Pipeline suffered a cyberattack that forced the company to shut down its operations. As a result, gasoline outages were reported in many East Coast states.
The entity behind the attack is a criminal group known as DarkSide. Nate Nelson, our Sr. producer, spoke with Assaf Dahan – Head of Threat Research at Cybereason – about the Colonial P...

RSA Breach, Part 2

May 24 • 29:32

In the wake of RSA’s disclosure of the breach, the company cyber analysts chose not to boot the attackers off their network – but followed their activities closely, trying to figure out their identities and motives. For the first time since the actual breach, a decade ago, we’ll get the (surprising) answers to those questions – and more....

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