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Discussing the function and malfunction of the global monetary order and its consequences on finance, economics, politics and society.

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Reading The Fed Guy: Mechanics of a Devaluation [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 176]

Dec 6 • 09:00

The inflationary process is in its early stages, and it will be particularly strong because it arises in part from a devaluation of the world’s reserve currency. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Inversion [Eurodollar University, Ep. 175]

Dec 5 • 01:00:00

PART 01: You've heard that when the US Treasury yield curve inverts it is a recession warning for the United States. What about when the Eurodollar futures curve inverts? That is a warning too. A monetary red alert for the entire world economy. On December 1st the Eurodollar curve inverted....

Reading Mises: Economic Consequences of Cheap Money [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 174]

Dec 4 • 32:00

What does an expansionist monetary policy produce? Is it wise to lower the rate of interest so as to encourage economic activity? The classic text, by Ludwig von Mises. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Reading Frances Coppola: Central Banks Can Fight Climate Change [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 173]

Dec 3 • 16:00

Corporate QE amounts to a subsidy to large corporations, corporations that use the money to buy back shares and give big bonuses to executives. It would be far better for central banks to support small businesses and new ventures, particularly those pursuing solutions to climate change. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Reading Dr. Pippa Malmgren: WW3 Has Already Started [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 172]

Dec 2 • 14:00

An uncomfortable truth: WWIII is not on the horizon, it is here. Militaries around the world are in a state of high-alert. “Sub-threshold" events are occurring with increasing frequency. War is digitizing. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Reading Matt Stoller: Economists label Cattle Ranchers "Emotional", then Defend Beef Monopoly [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 171]

Dec 1 • 32:00

Agricultural economists manipulated data to block Congress from acting on high beef prices and the destruction of independent cattle ranching. Why? Because they think monopolies are good. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Reading Adam Tooze: Global Food Price (Crisis?) [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 170]

Nov 30 • 23:00

According to the FAO Food Price Index, the cost of food has surged in real terms to levels last seen in the 1970s - during the Great Inflation. But another data set, by the OECD shows no such surge at all. What's going on? Is there a food price crisis, or not? A reading, by Emil Kalinowski....

Reading Allison Fedirka: Fertilizers & Food Insecurity [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 169]

Nov 29 • 15:00

Fertilizer is a critical input to global food production but circumstances have conspired to throw a spanner into the food supply chain works. The supply and demand imbalances have caused a spike in fertilizer prices and, consequently, raised the costs of producing food. Who will pay for these increases? Farmers? Consumers? Is a period of food insecurity ahead? How long mi...

Red or Blue Pill? Bonds say Powell will opt for Blue [Eurodollar University, Ep. 168]

Nov 28 • 59:00

PART 01: Jay Powell has been nominated by President Biden to serve another term as the Federal Reserve chair. Though his nomination has not even been heard by the US Congress, another group of people has already passed judgement on the second term: the bond market (and they say it'll be a failure!)....

Reading the BIS: Bottlenecks & Macro Implications [Ep. 167, Macropiece Theater]

Nov 25 • 26:00

The Bank for International Settlements observes that bottlenecks in the supply of commodities, intermediate goods and freight transport have given rise to volatile prices and delivery delays. These disruptions have been particularly severe in upstream industries and have led to large international spillovers through global value chains. On the one hand, the inflationary ef...

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