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Let's talk about making love! We know that building the fulfilling and deeply meaningful long-lasting relationship that you crave involves a lot more than just what happens in the bedroom. On Making Love Today we talk with real couples about their relationship journeys and hear about the strengthsRead more

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Episode 16.5: Drea and Nate Leveling Up - Commitment

May 10 • 01:13:03

Anne and Patrick discuss how Drea and Nate demonstrate the relationship skill of Commitment.  Healthy commitment in a relationship is about much more than just technically being together as a couple; it involves making conscientious choices on a daily basis to choose your partner and to choose to improve the relationship one day at a time. Unlocking the power of commitment...

Episode 16: Drea and Nate - There and Back Again

Apr 13 • 44:04

Sometimes you need to leave home to find something that was close to you all along. Drea and Nate grew up in the same small town, and even were in the same grade in high school, but did not truly "find" each other until they went off to college. They overcame attending rival colleges and Drea's commitment phobia to eventually get married after a few bumps along the way. 


Episode 15.5: Earl and Meagan Leveling Up - Translating Understanding Into Support

Mar 29 • 45:40

Anne and Patrick discuss how Earl and Meagan demonstrate the relationship skill of Translating Understanding and support.  All of us have collected useful tools over the years that we have been promised will help our relationship.  However, if we want to take these tools and turn them into relationship power tools we need to be able to understand enough about our partner's...

Bonus: Love is in the Air

Mar 20 • 11:32

In this bonus episode, we hear from Elaine and Abe, a real-life couple in a "commuter marriage" (one lives in Texas, the other California) who also co-host the relationship podcast, Love is in the Air. Elaine and Abe share some great insights into what it means to be in a long-distance relationship, as well as answer some relationship questions of their own.  

Be sure to ch...

Episode 15: Earl and Meagan - Surviving Long Distance

Mar 17 • 38:26

When Earl transferred law schools he wasn't necessarily expecting to find his future wife, but it didn't take long after meeting for Earl and Meagan to go from classmates to soulmates. Despite their immediate connection, the two of them came from very different worlds... well, at least from very distant states. With Meagan returning to California after graduation, and Earl...

Episode 14.5: Mike and Vauna Leveling Up - Showing Courage

Mar 11 • 54:31

Anne and Patrick discuss how Mike and Vauna demonstrate the relationship skill of Courage throughout their 38+ years of marriage. While many of us consider relationship courage only to really apply at the beginning of our relationship, it's actually a skill that needs to be applied all throughout the course of our relationship. It's important to show courage in the decisio...

Episode 14: Mike and Vauna - Four Decades Together (almost) and Still Growing

Mar 3 • 37:46

A chance meeting at a movie theater while at college has turned into going on four decades of marriage. Now married for 38 years, Mike and Vauna will readily admit that things were not always easy for the two of them. 

With Mike an extrovert, and Vauna an introvert the two of them have had to learn from the very beginning how to blend and mix their different communication s...

Episode 13.5: Brian and Farina Leveling Up - Choosing Family

Feb 23 • 47:35

Anne and Patrick discuss how Brian and Farina use the relationship skill of Choosing Family to build their own family culture.  All of us come from a different culture than our partner. While some relationship differences are more obvious than others, even small ones can lead to relationship conflict. It's important for us to recognize the culture that our partner came fro...

Episode 13: Brian and Farina - Blending Cultures and Bucking Gender Norms

Feb 15 • 51:28

While Brian and Farina both grew up within 20 miles of each other in Maryland, in many ways they came from very different worlds.  Brian, the grandson of a congressman, comes from a traditional suburban background. Farina, a Native American and member of the Navajo Nation grew up witnessing extreme poverty.  

Despite coming from such diverse backgrounds, the two of them hav...

Episode 12.5: Andres and Phillip Leveling Up - Deepening our Intimacy

Jul 1 • 41:24

Anne and Patrick discuss how Andres and Phillip use the relationship skill of deepening to increase their intimacy. Increased relationship intimacy is not something that just "happens," but is developed through a process that we need to conscientiously decide to move through. As we move through the (often messy) steps of conflict, vulnerability, and repair, we can gain a d...

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