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Making Love and Growing Up


This is Making Love & Growing Up: an educational podcast that strives to reconstruct a positive mindset around sex and singleness.

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Dec 19 • 56:56

Emily and Olivia explore that mysterious place between attraction and the bedroom, where glancing, pointing, grazing and stretching could already be telling you everything you need to know to get things rolling! Listen and discover why pine nuts, moist eyes, and unconscious caressing of your wine glass could put you in the mood to get nude!...


Dec 2 • 01:02:39

Emily and Olivia climb aboard the Embodiment Express, first stop, Masturbation Station! Along with some historical and erogenous sightseeing, discover what Sumerian mythology, a pale complexion, suction cup dildos, and healthy mindfulness could possibly all have in common!...

The Breakup

Nov 18 • 01:10:58

Emily and Olivia talk “how to” when it comes to the nitty-gritty of ending a relationship. Tune in as they cover a massive range of tips and tactics for both dumper and dumpee, from cats to online quizzes, withdrawal to finally moving on....

Trick or Treat

Oct 21 • 43:00

Staying in Love & The Inner Self

Oct 7 • 53:58

Emily and Olivia tread into some unfamiliar territory and discuss the art of staying in love. Get ready to sweep away the dust bunnies of stale romance and clear the floor for a bit of philosophy, perhaps a jean lap dance or two, some active-listening pie charts, and don't forget the love-making nuns - all apparently very necessary elements in the recipe for true, lasting ...

The Fear of Falling In Love

Sep 23 • 49:07

Emily and Olivia swim with the sharks, as they take a closer look at the very human, sometimes subconscious fear of falling in love. Where does it come from and what can we do about it? Dive in and get ready to explore what  Bop-It, Severus Snape, Gaelic growlings and philophobia could possibly all have in common....

Falling In Love - Part 2: Honeymoon Phase

Sep 9 • 44:50

In part two, Emily and Olivia take a trip to “boyfriend island” where they summit the hormonal and psychological peaks of the honeymoon phase. What goes on in the brain when we fall in love and why? Listen as your hosts hike off trail, into the jungles of limerence, attachment theory, Greek mythology, and Jung’s anima, animus and anime, oh my!...

Falling in Love - Part 1: Attraction

Aug 26 • 35:27

Emily and Olivia hammer out the science behind that fiery magnetism we call “love at first sight”. Is it really love or is it just desire gone wild? While exploring the psychology and sociology of attraction, enjoy some tangents about bitcoin Google boys, coconut sweats, missing toenails, and Olivia’s inexplicable nose ring fetish....

Porn: An Open Conversation

Aug 12 • 54:53

Emily and Olivia chat with MLGU’s very first guest, our fearless audio engineer, Aiden De Jong. Listen as they dive through misty waterfalls into the science of porn addiction, the value of understanding your kinks, and the importance of relational honesty. ...

Pop Culture: Barbies, Ballads, Bodies

Jul 29 • 48:17

Emily and Olivia dissect the different ways Pop Culture (music, TV, movies, social media) impacted their views on teenage sexual development. How did these star-studded coming of age stories effect our sense of self growing up?...

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