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Making It Work


Want to know what it's really like to run your own business? Making It Work puts you in a room with entrepreneurs who want to kick out conventional wisdom and take you through the highs and lows of starting a company from scratch. This is not a podcast just about success stories. So if you'reRead more

Popular episodes

9. Small Business Owners Reflect: How Entrepreneurship Changed Me

May 12 • 35:09

In a time characterized by constant change, we’re reminded that we’re always evolving as human beings. Certain life choices or big events can shape a person’s life – and who better to testify to this than small business owners....

8. You're Not Alone: The Entrepreneurs Discuss Struggles with Mental Health

Apr 15 • 30:05

The pressures of entrepreneurship can sometimes be too much to handle. No wonder then that small business owners often suffer with depression and anxiety. But are struggles with mental health an inevitability when you own a company? It's time to talk....

7. Going Global: Is It Worth Selling Your Products Outside the US?

Mar 31 • 29:43

In an increasingly globalized world, it's never been easier for small businesses to reach new markets. So why do so many US entrepreneurs shun international sales to keep things ticking along at home? We’re going to take a look at the realities of going global and how the rewards can offset the risk....

6. Raters and Haters: How to Respond to Your Reviewers

Mar 17 • 40:21

When you're deciding which product to buy, online reviews are most people's first port of call. But what do small business owners think of the feedback?...

5. Fine Margins: How to Price Your Goods

Mar 3 • 35:43

When you're passionate about your product, the price tag can often come as an afterthought. But when you factor in marketing, manufacturing and those sometimes-fiddly customs fees, it's vital you think about your margin. Otherwise, you could be looking at a loss....

4. Reinventing the Wheel: Do You Need to Constantly Innovate?

Feb 17 • 34:49

There are few words that get thrown around in the world of entrepreneurship as much as 'innovation'. And while for many, it brings about thoughts of Marie Curie and George Washington Carver, for small business owners being innovative is just one more way to survive....

Ask the Expert Special: Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg

Feb 3 • 53:28

We thought it was time to give the Making it Work entrepreneurs a bit of a break. So as they catch up on calls and tweak their Ts & Cs, Tom chewed the fat with Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg....

3. Click and Mortar: How to Build an Online Store

Jan 20 • 33:22

With online store builders like Shopify, it's never been easier to attract the mass market. But should you go all in with your own website or dip your toe in the water with Etsy or eBay?...

2. Let Me Pencil You In: Why are Entrepreneurs So Bad at Turning Off?

Jan 6 • 37:00

Working round the clock has always been a strong symbol of entrepreneurship. But does it do you and your business any good in the long term, or is it just a fast path to burnout? In Season 2 Episode 2 of Making It Work we speak to Dahlia Rizk of Buckle Me Baby Coats, Nik Hawks of Paleo Treats, Kat Samardzija of Locker Lifestyle and Mayra Hernandez of Back of the Yards Cof...

1. I'm Dreaming of a Black Friday: How the Holidays Get Crazy

Dec 16 • 34:29

We're back for a second season, and we're feeling festive. For most small businesses the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas is crucial for driving sales, but what's happening behind the scenes?...

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