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#maketechhuman is a new podcast hosted by The Nerdist’s Matt Mira, presented by WIRED Brand Lab and enabled by Nokia, to explore where technology is heading and how it is impacting humanity. Our goal is to host a series of discussions and debates that will impact global discourse, human behaviorRead more

Popular episodes

#maketechhuman Episode 9: Megan Smith and Larry Lessig discuss Digital Policy

Jun 20 • 01:06:28

#maketechhuman Episode 8: Nonny de la Peña and Ramzi Haidamus discuss Virtual Reality and the OZO camera

Dec 9 • 39:13

#maketechhuman Episode 7: Karim El Malki, Mick Ebeling and Hossein Moiin on Solving Problems with Technology

Nov 11 • 01:08:33

#maketechhuman Episode 6: Leilah Janah, Samasource and Luis von Ahn, Duolingo, MakeTechHuman Agents of Change

Oct 28 • 01:01:07
Leila Janah and Luis von Ahn are two of the 17 MakeTechHuman Agents of Change Join us to discuss making a global impact through technology. Leila has created a platform for digital work, serving impoverished people around the world, and Luis has created a global learning platform to help people learn languages. And don't forget that you personally will be able to learn Kli...

#maketechhuman Episode 5: Molly Thornberg and Jeff Cole on Kids and Technology

Oct 14 • 01:02:29

#maketechhuman Episode 4: Mark Bartolomeo, Brian Partridge and Ricky Corker on Smart Cities

Sep 30 • 01:04:46

On this episode we dive into the promising future of Smart Cities. Urban developments that take the guess work out of many current day headaches like driving, public works, and even health, just to name a few. ...

#maketechhuman Episode 3: Rodney Brooks, Sir Martin Rees and Stuart Russell on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sep 16 • 01:24:13

#maketechhuman Episode 2: Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, Pertti Lukander, Juhani Mykkänen on The Skills of The Future

Sep 3 • 30:01

#maketechhuman Episode 1: Jon Ronson Robin Stern and Justin Patchin on Cyberbullying Part 2

Aug 26 • 42:46

#maketechhuman Episode 1: Monica Lewinsky on Cyberbullying Part I

Aug 17 • 36:00

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