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Maharajas of Scale

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Maharajas of Scale is a Podcast focused on Indian Entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Krishna Jonnakadla, Co-founder of Mango Mobile TV and Flit. Over the years, India has been home to many stellar startups. These startups have scaled, have travelled the world and created a pathway for others toRead more

Popular episodes

LoanTap's Satyam Kumar

Sep 4 • 01:22:23

LoanTap's Satyam Kumar enjoyed a cushy life as a senior banking executive. By the mid-2010s, he experienced a glass ceiling and felt that he had plateaued. In addition, the growing Indian vocal and connected millennials, the black swan event of demonetization, and the startup wave pushed the market in a new direction. Users who wanted better products and the Indian Governm...

Magic Pin's Anshoo Sharma : S2 E4

Aug 28 • 01:42:11

Anshoo Sharma joined Bain Consulting in Boston and cut his teeth in the world of management consulting. Anshoo moved to India when Bain opened an office and soon moved to the emerging world of Venture Capital. After watching startups rise and fall, he was itching to start one himself. He teamed up with one of his buddies and soon they launched Magic Pin in the world of Hyp...

S2 E3 : Jumbotail's Karthik Venkateswaran

Aug 20 • 01:31:11

Jumbotail's Karthik Venkateswaran is an interesting man. He came from a middle class background and rose to the rank of a major in the Indian Army. After a decade of serving in the army, his heart bled for something else....

S2 E2: Viraj Bahl of Veeba Foods and Sauces

Aug 12 • 01:39:51

Viraj Bahl of Veeba sauces is an interesting man. Upon graduation, his father told him that he would have to earn his way into a life of prosperity. His father told him that he would have to earn outside the family business. He would have to establish a basic lifestyle before participating in the family business....

S2 E1 - Amit Gupta of Yulu Bikes

Aug 10 • 01:16:03

Welcome to Season 2. After a rocking Season 1, we are back yet again with amazing speakers. In this Episode 1 of Season 2, we feature Amit Gupta of Yulu Bikes. Remember those cute small little bikes that we see in the central business districts of cities such as Bangalore, that's Yulu for you....

Ep.50: Anupendra Sharma of SLP - Enabling thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe scale their ventures from the shadows

Jun 26 • 01:45:00

Our Season Finale - Grand 50th Episode features Anupendra Sharma of the Startup Leadership Program. Today, Startup Leadership Program has grown to enable 4000 entrepreneurs who have raised $3.5 Billion in funding for 2000 ventures spread across 28 cities in 14 countries. Around the year 2006, two different types of people embarked on creating an organization that would ena...

Episode 49: Knorish's Kinner Sachdev - Helping 1000s of Content Creators Launch and Scale Academies

May 3 • 01:15:23

Kinner is an unlikely entrepreneur from the likes of it. With a master’s in molecular biology, he jumped into management consulting. Along the way, he discovered that one of the challenges that enterprises and companies grappled with was making knowledge and learning available to their employees and team members. In the process of helping companies overcome this, Kinner sa...

Episode 48: An IITian Who Solved A Common Everyday Problem: Signing Documents Easy And Hassle Free: Story Of Sunil Patro Of SignEasy

Apr 22 • 01:26:27

While on a vacation in Mexico, Sunil Patro, an IIT grad and a software engineer at Microsoft, got a call informing him about a job that he had been offered. All he needed to do was sign the acceptance letter and send it back. Simple right? Well not so much. It was like as if he was like stuck in a government office! The struggle in finding a printer, scanner and a fax mach...

Episode 47 - Millions of Jobs thru Entrepreneurship Education - Monica Mehta of The Wadhwani Foundation

Apr 20 • 01:11:01

Every year, Monica watches about 10,000 startups go thru the motions, highs and lows. She watches it from close quarters and gets to see varied practices from across the globe. She sees myths being broken and new models formed. She heads up the Wadhwani Foundation's NEN Program that focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to students. Monica is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur....

Episode 46: The Art Of Scaling With Creativity-How Issac Wesley Has Built And Scaled Inkmonk

Apr 7 • 01:35:46

From dreaming of being an engineer to then being an entrepreneur, the story of Issac Wesley from Inkmonk is truly remarkable. Low scores in mathematics led this young tech enthusiast to take up a design course rather than engineering. Yet, it was Issac's father, an artist first and a printing guy second, who inspired him to start Inkmonk and the rest is history....

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