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Maeltopia - A New World of Horror Fiction

A horror and dark fiction podcast featuring interconnected series and stories set in the ever-expanding literary world of Maeltopia. Gain early access to episodes, bonus video content and more on our Patreon. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Popular episodes

The Sleep Wake Cycle | Ep. 2

Nov 11 • 21:28

Dreamcatcher Rosemary Stroud senses a change in the wind after receiving a new assignment from her mysterious employers....

The Sleep Wake Cycle | Ep. 1 preview

Oct 21 • 19:59

The Sleep/Wake Cycle series premiere finds exopsychotics investigator Isaiah Stroud with a new government assignment — assessing the state of the US in the wake of the Great Darkness of 1999....

Sleep Wake Cycle Series Announcement

Oct 14 • 00:54

Check out the Sleep Wake Cycle on your favorite and podcast platform....

Red Mother | Ep 14 (Finale) - Remaster

Oct 7 • 53:54

The season 1 finale finds the group before the famed Sleep Sage.  Veeve grows ever closer to the Witch and one step closer to Donald with the help of a surprising family member....

Red Mother | Ep 13 - Remaster

Sep 30 • 43:33

The group flees New Victoria's reality bending nightmares as Veeve grows ever closer to understanding the Red Mother - and who she herself is becoming....

Red Mother | Ep 12 - Remaster

Sep 23 • 43:56

Veeve experiences the full terror of New Victoria, giving rise to a new understanding of the witch and herself.  Basking in the glow of her truer nature, she and her companions enter a fight for the lives against New Vic's preeminent predators....

Red Mother | Ep 11 - Remaster

Sep 16 • 19:55

The unlikely trio are met with equally unlikely evil within the quarantined walls of Old Boston...

Red Mother | Ep 10 - Remaster

Sep 9 • 17:36

Veeve, Wicked and Baron set their sights on the Family Man, believing he will lead them to the witch.  But that means a trip into the haunted remains of the city of Boston - now known as New Victoria....

Red Mother | Ep 9 - Remaster

Sep 2 • 22:47

Veve learns the origin of the Bowers Dog and its family's strange purpose.  Wicked shares his first meeting the witch and two members of the Red family....

Red Mother | Ep 8 - Remaster

Aug 26 • 22:08

After Veve returns from her long trip, she finds something interesting waiting for her at home.  Afterwards, she goes to meet a friend....

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