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Madly Forever, Jessie De Lowe’s latest project is aimed at helping people move past their vision boards to create a life and relationship that they truly love. In Madly Forever, Jessie, often with her husband, Brian, will interview a variety of experts, psychologists, couples, and business partnersRead more

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Season 2, Episode 9: Sophie + Adi Jaffe

Dec 3 • 59:58
In this episode of Madly Forever, hosts Jessie and Brian interview Sophie and Adi Jaffe about the ups and downs of their unique relationship. These two are completely transparent about the challenges they have faced with infidelity, love addiction, and navigating their roles as partners and co-parents throughout it all. It is so inspiring to hear how they've found a way to...

Season 2, Episode 8: Courtney + Michael Adamo

Aug 26 • 01:11:28
In this week's episode, Jessie and Brian interview the very inspiring Byron Bay-based couple Courtney and Michael Adamo. These two incredibly awesome humans are parents to 5 beautiful children, living the life of their dreams filled with good food, family and surf. The conversation explores how they keep the spark alive within a chaotic household brimming with teenagers an...

Season 2, Episode 7: Jordan Younger

Jul 23 • 01:11:04
If you've ever wanted to strengthen your intuition, follow your own path, create your own business and live your most authentic life, this episode is for you! Jessie sits down with bright light Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde to discuss all things manifestation, health, healing and love. This open, candid conversation covers her journey with Lyme disease and all of t...

Season 2, Episode 6: Gabby Bernstein

Jan 21 • 37:01
In this episode of Madly Forever, Jessie sits down with the ultimate Super Attractor, #1 best-selling author and widely known spiritual teacher, Gabby Bernstein. Listen up as Jessie and Gabby dive deep into some #realtalk about motherhood, mental health, manifestation, working with your partner and keep your spark of connection+ inspiration alive. Gabby opens up about the ...

Season 2, Episode 5: Bill Haley + Danika Brysha

Nov 15 • 01:19:47

Season 2, Episode 4: Emily Pereira

Oct 31 • 01:11:04
This week, we sit down with Emily Pereira, a woman who truly embodies life’s before and after moments. Her “after” moment consists of hosting international retreats as a certified yoga and writing teacher, while simultaneously growing her bustling career as a life and relationship coach. However, her “before” moment was another story... Lost and looking for answers, Emily...

Season 2, Episode 3: Amy Chan

Oct 11 • 51:17
This week Jessie sits down with Amy Chan, the founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp. Amy is here to reframe breakups into opportunities of growth, power, and the potential of deeper self-love. In this ep, Amy walks us through the stages of breakups from a neurological perspective, even explaining why she uses a dominatrix on her retreats to help women step into their power. Re...

Season 2, Episode 2: Bibi Brzozka

Sep 27 • 55:24
This week Jessie sits down with conscious sexuality expert, Bibi Brzozka. (Because you can’t have a podcast about conscious relationships without covering conscious sex.) Together these two ladies freely chat about the intersection between sexuality and spirituality, AKA: the ancient art of Tantra. Often misunderstood by mainstream media, Tantra has as much to do with pres...

Season 2, Episode 1: Lauren and Jon Groveman

Sep 13 • 52:10
To start season 2 off with a bang, Jessie interviews her biggest inspiration as a couple, her mother and father, Lauren and Jon Groveman. Together they share their love story, although they both hilariously have much different accounts. While we won’t give away any spoiler alerts in the show notes, we will say that this episode is a true testament to a marriage that can la...

Season 1, Episode 10: Jaimi Brooks

Feb 15 • 32:52
Hot off the heels of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a podcast to help you deepen your love life. Relationships are the ultimate opportunity for growth, love, and healing. As women, our numero uno problem in love is our inability to not properly communicate our desires. And we're not just talking sexual (although that’s a great place to start). Fortunately, we’ve got family the...

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